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Youth's Noble Path (1911) is a book written by F. J. Gould. Its full title is Youth's Noble Path: A volume of moral instruction designed for the use of children, parents, and teachers and mainly based on Eastern tradition, poetry, and history.

The Mother translated and adapted some of the stories in Youth's Noble Path into French, for the children of the Ashram school. These were published by the Ashram in 1946 under the title Belles Histoires. English re-translations of these adaptations were then brought out in 1951 under the title Tales of All Times. These stories are now included in Words of Long Ago, Volume 2 of the Collected Works of the Mother.

Words of Long Ago
“Tales of All Times”

Words of Long Ago - Tales of All Times.jpg
PDF (113 pages)

One: Self-Control
Two: Courage
Three: Cheerfulness
Four: Self-Reliance
Five: Patience and Perseverence
Six: The Simple Life
Seven: Prudence
Eight: Sincerity
Nine: Right Judgment
Ten: Order
Eleven: Building and Destroying
Twelve: The Giver
Thirteen: The Conquest of Knoweldge
Fourteen: Modesty
Fifteen: The Family
Sixteen: Sympathy

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