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“I am just finishing The Synthesis of Yoga, and what Sri Aurobindo says is exactly what has happened to me throughout my life. And he explains how you can still make mistakes as long as you are not supramentalized. Sri Aurobindo describes all the ways by which images are sent to you — and they are not always images or reflections of the truth of things past, present or future; there are also all the images that come from human mental formations and all the various things that want to be considered. It is very, very interesting. And interestingly enough, in these few pages I have found a description of the work I have spent my whole life doing, trying to SIFT out all we see.
         I can only be sure of something once a certain type of picture comes, and then the whole world could tell me, “But things didn't happen like that”; I would reply, “Sorry, but I see it.” And that type of picture is certain, for I have studied it, I have studied their differences in quality and the texture of the pictures. It is very interesting.”[1]

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