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We have updated the software, but are still working on some issues.

Main issues: low performance, SemanticMediaWiki extension not working.

Timings and Location(s)

Contact Vinodhini

Open on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 9:00 to 12:00 in the mornings in the Meeting Room next to the Working Committee on the first floor of Town Hall.

Email: legalsupport@auroville.org.in

General Information and Background

The new Auroville Legal Service activity launched under the guidance and support of the Working Committee on 21st June 2010 is named 'Legal Upaaya' (pronounced upaay). It offers its services regarding legal procedures and processes to Auroville's Working Groups only.

Working Groups that are in need of this service are requested to send an email to avlegalupaaya@gmail.com, briefly explaining their issue and requirement.

Members and Affiliations

This service is affiliated to the Working Committee

Aims and Objectives

To assist with questions of legal (Indian) protocol, when this is required.

Find below the first in the series of certain awareness tips if one wants to invoke Law. They are based on experience with Aurovilians’ in the field so far. Depending on your interest in particular subjects, the next ones can get formulated.

  • If you want to invoke the law and approach a court, it would help all parties if you have proper documents.
  • If you want to invoke the law against some particular organisation/business unit etc, a written document/s even in the form of an email or letter containing the main part of the issue, would make it plausible. Therefore it is advantageous to have your conversations recorded in written format once you start feeling that things are not going properly.
  • One need not have to register or go for stamped papers etc to make a paper a document or to make a document an acceptable one. Certain basic disciplines could help.
  • To start with, clearly date your documents.
  • Make sure that there are no illegible notes added to a document.
  • Make sure that you sign every later addition to your document to make it clear that you approve of the addition. If required also have the signature of those who are parties to the document to make such additions authentic.
  • Make sure that when you sign your name is legibly written beneath.
  • If you are signing a document in your capacity as someone with a particular responsibility you are holding to (equivalent to a designation) then have both your name and your seal legible beneath your signature.
  • If you want to invoke the Consumer Protection Act, the minimum should be that you have proper bills, warranty card, service agreements or any such relevant documents in shape.
  • There are plenty of awareness sites on the internet that could help you with the basics.
  • Mostly we are capable of interpreting English. But note that different regions have different connotations.
  • Similarly interpretation of a statute is a specific skill gained by specific training in the field. Though most of us are practical experts, a thorough checking with a professional is advised.
  • The discipline of having one’s official papers/documents etc in proper format is an easier method to gain trust and facilitation when it comes to such matters. It is not a waste of time or effort, because it will greatly improve your chances of success before the law.
  • Ignorance of law is no excuse. Just like how we grab our privileges from law without much debate, so are we bound by our duties to law!