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Unity Fund annual report 2018-19

Unity Fund annual report 2018-19.png
PDF (4 pages)

The Auroville Unity Fund was registered via Office Order No. 60 by the Auroville Foundation Office on 31 June 2006 to:

  1. Receive Auroville Commercial Unit surplus income and current reserves
  2. Receive donations and income of the Auroville Foundation, including grants and donations, both foreign and Indian.
  3. Maintain and operate the bank account specified under FCRA rules for the receipt of all grants and donations from foreign sources.
  4. Channel, in accordance with approved Auroville budgets under the supervision of a Budget Committee, incomes, donations, and contributions to the respective budgets and unit accounts.
  5. Ensure utilization of funds in accordance with the donor’s specifications.
  6. Ensure that accounts and supporting documentation are properly maintained.

The Unity Fund is currently managed by five executives (Rathinam, Otto, Lyle, Christine, and Michael T.) appointed by the FAMC on 17 September 2017 for five-year terms. The Unity Fund executives are directly accountable to the FAMC. The Unity Fund has its office at Financial Service in the Town Hall.

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  • Phone: 262-2455 or 262-2879
  • Email: avunityfund (at)

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