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Painting by A. Sathya

Town Hall is Auroville's administrative hub. It includes offices of:

(Judith:) “Actually I realized that on an inner level when we put up this building directly on the Kali axis [of Matrimandir], we were asking for something (laugh). Something has to be worked out there. For me Kali is the harsh aspect of the Mother, the one that wants to shake things up. We put our whole organization, our administration, our money, we put it all directly – it could not be more directly – on the axis of the Kali pillar! What can you expect?”[1]

  1. Turning Points: An inner story of the beginnings of Auroville, Second Edition, p.25, “Inevitability of the light”


  • E-mail: acur (at)
  • Phone (reception desk): 262-2250

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