Theory of relativity

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“What is the theory of relativity?

(Mother turns to a disciple and mathematician) Pavitra! Will you please explain that to these children?

(Pavitra:) It means that the description of the universe varies with each observer — to put it in one sentence.

Is that all! Why is there so much fuss over this discovery?

(Pavitra:) It is a revolution, Mother!

It is a revolution? That what one sees depends on who sees? Ah!

(Pavitra:) What one measures depends upon the physical universe, from the point of view of the physical sciences.

Physical sciences, yes. For measuring the universe, each one measures it in his own way.

Pavitra: But then, complementary to that, it has been found that behind there is something independent of the observer.

Ah! they have “discovered” that? (laughter) A still greater revolution!... (loud laughter) Good.”[1]

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