The Riddle of This World (book)

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Around Year::1933, Sri Aurobindo’s secretary Nolini Kanta Gupta began to compile selections from the growing body of letters in order to publish them. During Sri Aurobindo’s lifetime, four small books of letters were published: The Riddle of This World (1933), Lights on Yoga (1935), Bases of Yoga (1936) and More Lights on Yoga (1948). Sri Aurobindo revised the typescripts of most of the letters in these books.[1]

The Riddle of This World

The Riddle of This World.jpg
PDF (59 pages)


A Far Greater Truth
The Graded Worlds
The Ascending and the Descending Movement
Western Metaphysics and Yoga
The Agnostic and the Vedantic Unknowable
Doubts and the Divine
The Valley of the False Glimmer
The Intermediate Zone
A Problem of Faith
The Triune Godhead
Some Spiritual Dilemmas
Rebirth and Personality
The Riddle of This World

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