The Mother's vital being

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(1962:) “One or two days ago, I am not sure when, but anyway after our last meeting, suddenly, without thinking about it or wishing it or anything (I was walking or doing something or other), I suddenly became, or saw, a tall being, all white, with a kind of halberd in its hand and an expression of iron will. And it seemed as if the world were being told: “Enough shilly-shallying, enough wavering, now it is time: the thing must be done.” And the body's activities hadn't the least importance; whatever I did, that remained. I was seeing that tall being from above, like a great transformative power in the vital. A huge being, very calm and powerful – with no violence in it of course, but utterly indomitable, and: “Enough waiting, enough shilly-shallying, enough vacillating: IT IS TIME.”
         It lasted more than an hour – oh, at least two hours. The body was in that experience, but I was going on as always with what I had to do while that being was there. I am telling you this because suddenly, in the midst of it all, I remembered you: “Why, he wants to see!” So I told that being, “Go show yourself to Satprem, show him you are here.”
         I wondered if you saw anything....
         It lasted a long time, but I don't remember exactly when it was. Part of it happened while I was walking (I walk at five in the morning and five in the evening). When I started walking it was there and it lasted for a long time afterwards – whether morning or evening I don't remember.
         In the morning – every morning, as I walk – I concentrate on you in the hope that you will remember your nights and have an experience.
         And it stayed put, in the sense that all sorts of things could go on, but there it remained, at the borders of the terrestrial world, like a declaration from the Supreme – a very tall being.
         All white, luminous, luminous – resplendent! And with a kind of halberd and, oh, a very determined air: “Enough shilly-shallying, no more vacillating, it is time.”
         “Go find Satprem,” I said. “Show yourself to him.” ”[1]

“What was standing there was a manifestation of one of my states of being, a part of my vital being, or rather one of my innumerable vital beings – because I have quite a few! And this one is particularly interested in things on earth.
This one [the tall white Being] is not of human origin; it was not formed in a human life: it is a being that had already incarnated, and is one of those who presided over the formation of this present being [Mother]. But, as I said, I saw it: it was sexless, neither male nor female, and as intrepid as the vital can be, with a calm but absolute power.... Ah, I found a very good description of it in one of Sri Aurobindo's plays, when he speaks of the goddess Athena (I think it's in Perseus, but I am not sure); she has that kind of ... it's an almighty calm, and with such authority! Yes, it's in Perseus – when she appears to the Sea-God and forces him to retreat to his own domain. There's a description there that fits this Being quite well.

A whiteness and a strength is in the skies.

How art thou white and beautiful and calm,
Yet clothed in tumult! Heaven above thee shakes
Wounded with lightnings, goddess, and the sea
Flees from thy dreadful tranquil feet. Thy calm
Troubles me: who art thou, dweller in the light?

I am Athene.

Virgin formidable
In beauty, disturber of the ancient world!”[2]

Besides, all the Greek gods are various aspects of a single thing: you see it this way, that way, that way, this way (turning her hand, Mother seems to show several facets of a single prism).... But it's simply one and the same thing. [“They are different aspects of one self-existent thing,” Mother clarified. “These beings have merely taken on different aspects depending on the country or the culture.”]
         Sri Aurobindo's description fits this Being exactly. And a few days ago, this same Being came, without my calling it or thinking about it or wishing it to come. And it seemed to be saying it was time for it to intervene.
         So I let it!”[3]

(1969:) “Recently, I got a letter, I forget from whom or where, but it was from someone in Europe, someone who saw my vital being, and someone else who saw my mental being. You know that they have been sent away (they go on working, seeing people, going and coming ...). So that person saw it as I myself know it (which surprised me, because generally people change the appearance according to their own conception). She saw me, she knew it was me, and it was a tall warrior — a very tall warrior with an ancient costume, holding a halberd.

It's the first time.

Yes, I know who it is. She told me her vision, I met her. She is an Italian who has visions of you that are extraordinary. She often tells me extraordinary things. She lives in you in a manner that ... I've never seen anyone live in you like that.

Oh! ... Is she still here?

She arrived two weeks ago. Her name is F.

Oh, F .... For a while she couldn't see anymore physically, so that has developed the inner vision.

A diamond warrior, she said.

Yes, that's it. Oh, it has an extraordinary power on the vital atmosphere. I have seen it since I was quite small — I noticed it before knowing anything outwardly, before anyone explained it to me. And I saw it LEFT TO ITSELF, that is to say, without the intervention of all ideas and all that .... Strange. And invincible ... (how should I put it?), it cannot be affected in any way: it doesn't receive from outside, it receives only from the psychic consciousness, or directly from the supreme Consciousness.

And now it's going about here and there! (Mother laughs)[4]

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