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The Learning Community (TLC) is a school for children aged 7-14 aspiring to offer a free progress integral education. 'Base Camp' at Dana includes 2 main classroom buildings, an art center, a kitchen and other spaces. In addition, TLC spends time in other communities and outdoor spaces in and around Auroville.

Some elements of TLC are: individualised curriculum for each child, uninterrupted time to develop concentration, individual pace of work, learning by doing, materials and experiences to offer Aha! moments. Weekly planning and reflection is used as a tool to help the children to get to know themselves ‒ their learning styles, time management, their strengths, needs and challenges. Parents' involvement is an integral part of TLC.

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  • Phone: 0413-2622-574 (TLC Base camp)
  • Email: tlc (at)

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Recipes by the TLC Baking English class:

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