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I guess this page is intended to evolve to a complete list with detailed information. In its early life it may help to copy the list of places to eat (with what is intended to be only basic information to suit a guide for guests) from

Duplication of information is regrettable but each page is intended for a different readership.

You might have noticed that this page was started in April while the guest page is only one day old.

That's true Juergen; what are you saying?

This page is for Aurovilians, the other for guest. For the difference is significant. I want the wiki to be for us, the AUroville community. In recent years the focus of what guest want and need has become too much in my opinion.

I find the guest guide very good but the wiki for me is not another place for guests.

Thanks Juergen.  I do not envisage guests reading the guide here but hope that Aurovilians and Newcomers will collaborate on drafting the text here for publication elsewhere. To that extent the wiki remains for us, as you want it.  If guest guide drafting is not welcome here I am OK withremoving it.  I am happy for the guest guide to be plagiarised if it can help this wiki.  Charles