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I am not quite certain that the info given on this page is totally useful. Of course it will always remain difficult to give a brief explanation of how and when the different 'bodies' within Auroville came into being, but I think this explanation might make the matter even more complicated. On the other hand I am in no position to say wether this info is incorrect or incomplete, or to give a possible alternative.

An other little detail is the spelling: I was taught to write the the genitive case always with an s, as in 'Saint James's Chapel'. I have the feeling the American spelling drops the extra s when the word ends with one, and so the world follows? As I am not a native speaker, I am not certain about what is correct now. The Auroville homepage writes 'Residents' Assembly' (at least on the page concerning the RA), so I changed the spelling here. I hope someone will enlighten me and farther correct if necessary. I don't know how one can change the spelling of the header, so that also is for someone else...