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(Mother to students, 1957:) “It is for you to know whether this interests you more than everything else in the world.... There comes a moment when the body itself finds that there is nothing in the world which is so worth living for as this transformation; that there is nothing which can have as great an interest as this passionate interest of transformation. It is as though all the cells of the body were athirst for that Light which wants to manifest; they cry out for it, they find an intense joy in it and are sure of the Victory.
         This is the aspiration that I am trying to communicate to you, and you will understand that everything else in life is dull, insipid, futile, worthless in comparison with that: the transformation in the Light.”[1]

(Mother to Satprem, 1960:) “What we want is the direct and integral contact between the manifested universe and the Infinite out of which this universe has emerged. So then it is no longer an individual or personal contact with the Infinite, it's a total contact.”[2]

(Mother to Mona Sarkar:) “It is a new stage, a completely different phase, one could say a new life which begins, that has nothing to do with the past. All the so-called norms of life, the effects of the nature, the moral and social laws, the preconceived judgments, the causes and the habits, the atavisms etc., all these will not have any effect on the individual who is on the path of Supramental transformation. In this domain where the process of transformation has already begun and the body begins to act according to its effect, it is an ascension from summit to summit, a perpetual renewal of nature, a transformation of all the parts of the being, of the body, of the tissues and the cells. In this region there will be no end to the movements of the transforming Force.
         One knows nothing about it, but it will be a veritable process of transformation with capacities and realisations ad infinitum.
         It will be not only in the body but in the various forms which the body could take or the body could get used to, and also ... the atmosphere and the surroundings; the things nearby will be transformed by the influence of this glorious body that radiates with its Supramental Presence. It will be a real and complete transformation of each part in its most minute forms as well as in its totality. We shall see.”[3]

(Shyam Sundar, 1970:) “The body now begins to aspire for its reconstitution according to Your Will.

(Mother:) My blessings are with it so that this be the occasion for a new force to instal itself with the new consciousness.”[4]

(Mother, 1968:) “It's very, very interesting, and very strange. A strange sensation.... It's been like that for, I don't know, a long time, but these last few days it has become so intense and so precise.... A sensation of being like this (gesture of hanging in suspense), of having gone out of an old way of being (not a personal way — terrestrial, let us say) and being on the verge — it's on the verge — of entering a new way of being; and a sensation of being ... like this (same gesture of hanging between two worlds).
         The entire old way of being (way of feeling, thinking, even the state of consciousness) is seen ... not exactly as a distortion or falsification, but something like that — it's not that: it's the human way of being. And it's necessarily the way of being that resulted from intensive mental development.
         What's growing quite clear is — Consciousness. It's no longer explained with words or defined or ... it's no longer that, it's — Consciousness (or rather one feels one knows what it is), Consciousness. That's the state: Consciousness. But it's still a fragmented consciousness, which is (I can't say ‘making effort’ because there's no effort), which is mutating into a total consciousness. So that is the transition (same gesture in suspense). It's still a consciousness (not exactly individual or personal, but fragmented, or in other words, which has been objectified), a consciousness which is AWARE of its movement of union. It's still that, not total union.
         So it results in all kinds of experiences....
         And that [new state] isn't the result of a concentration or anything else: it's the normal way of being, constant at last. But there are still divisions, in the sense that there is an attitude of consciousness observing another, and yet another observing the first two — all that is still ... (fluctuating gesture) Like a play of different consciousnesses observing one another, objectifying one another. So it's not yet the thing.”[5]

(Shyam Sundar:) “Mother has said, “In the Yoga of Sri Aurobindo, the transformation of the body is indispensable so far as it can be done.”
         Are there limits to the transformation of the body?

(Mother:) For the present, yes. But in the time, no. I am convinced that in two hundred years for example the physical body could be infinitely superior to what it is now – luminous, plastic, enduring, harmonious...
         And our effort of today would have made it possible.”[6]

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