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(Mother to Satprem, 1960:) “The day before yesterday, I spent the whole night looking on. I had read the passage by Sri Aurobindo in The Synthesis on ‘supramental time’ (wherein past, present and future coexist in a global consciousness).  While you're in it, it's marvelous! You understand things perfectly. But when you're not in it ... Above all, there's this problem of how to keep the force of one's aspiration, the power of progress, this power which seems so inevitable – so inevitable if existence (let's simply take terrestrial existence) is to mean anything and its presence to be justified. (This ascending movement towards a progressive ‘better’ that will be eternally better) – How is this to be kept when you have the total vision ... this vision in which everything coexists. At that moment, the other becomes something like a game, an amusement, if you will. (Not everyone finds it amusing!) And when you contain all that, why allow yourself the pleasure of succession? ... Is this pleasure of succession, of seeing things one after the other, equal to this intensity of the will for progress? ... Words are foolish!
         The effort to see and to understand this gripped me all night. And when I woke up this morning, I thanked the Lord; I said to Him, “Obviously, if You were to keep me totally in that consciousness, I could no longer ... I could no longer do my work!” How could I do my work? For I can only say something to people when I feel it or see it, when I see that it's what must be said, but if I am simultaneously in a consciousness in which I'm aware of everything that has led to that situation, everything that is going to happen, everything I'm going to say, everything the other's going to feel – then how could I do it!
         There are still many hundreds of years to go before it becomes entirely what Sri Aurobindo describes – there's no hurry!”[1]

  1. Mother's Agenda 1951-1960, 11 October 1960

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