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(Mother:) “It is this that I am giving in Notes on the Way – a little of my experiences, not entirely, but a bit, – like an indication of what I am doing, and all that I am experimenting and the splendour that I do not know at all. Do you read them?

(Mona Sarkar:) Yes, Mother, but it is very difficult to understand.

(Mother smiles) Yes, when you will have climbed to this stage you will understand better. And yet, all the directions are given, the steps and also the essence of what I am experiencing. But it is not put in the language that we speak or write. It is absolutely different and moulded in a sort of expression which suggests, rather than explains; and it is charged by a power which expresses and a light which illumines by itself without taking recourse to the words or their meaning. There are no sentences as we ordinarily have, with the verbs and the complements which accord with each other, with the turn of phrases and expressions similar to what we find in the books which give a precise meaning. But it is absolutely different here. It is the sound and the vibration with evoke a feeling, an emotion which give the indication of what we feel, but do not correspond to the ordinary sense – it is implied.
         You see, I have stated these experience which in fact cannot be formulated by the ordinary sentences and expressions, because it is so subtle, so sublime and suggests spiritual values which cannot be translated by these sentences and these expressions. The felicity, the joy, the aura and the spirit behind these experiences can be translated only by the projection of a state of consciousness in short sentences and appropriate expressions which are not found in our poor vocabulary. That is why for an intellectual or an erudite, this will be only a child's babbling. They would understand nothing of what is written. The meaning is not exactly what the words stand for, that is the meaning and the explanation that the dictionaries give. But behind the words and the expressions or just beneath the lines are to be found a feeling, an effect of what I want to say but that is implied, which, in fact, projects the true meaning to the readers who are open and receptive.
         You see, as in all that Sri Aurobindo has written, it is certainly not for the intellectuals to decipher, analyse and arrive at a conclusion by their logic. It surpasses their comprehension. It is not by the intellect that one can understand Sri Aurobindo, or by the mind with its diverse faculties, – it is impossible. It is only with the help of the intuition and an inner illumination which opens the closed doors of the mind to what is above, which perceives and assimilates the true meaning,... it is in the flight of liberty, from the vastness of the regions beyond the imagination where the Word is born that his pen describes and brings down the Supreme Knowledge. That is why each word, each sound, each expression, each vibration that they emit is charged with an ineffable force and an illuminating light which can be expressed only by as many planes of consciousness that man has at his disposal. He who seeks the Truth of existence finds the highest he can reach in its true revelation. It is so, each word that He has written is charged with a consciousness and an ineffable light which projects itself according to what is proper to the plane and to the level of development of the consciousness of the reader. And at each level the meaning is different, and yet it is the same word which expresses a range of different significances. One must try to find the spirit behind the words whose value is expressed by the thousands of associations of beauty and of splendour. It is, above all, the rhythm, the cadence, the harmony, the colour, the beauty embellishing by the sound, the lucidity of expression, the subtlety of the thoughts and the spiritual ardour which He has so easily described in so simple and so profound a language, as if He has opened the celestial doors from where cascades the Divine Grace, the Grace which is accessible to all those who will take the pains to read his books.
         And what I have done is to project the experiences which I have had, the words which I hear in the depths of my being, the soul-state that invokes the Inexpressible in visible forms, the perception of the Imperceptible – not by the association of words or ideas, but by the vibration – … a certain state produces a certain experience, a certain mode produces a certain perception. All this does not occur one after another, but it is simultaneous, synthetic and universally one, something which cannot be expressed. It is this ... it acts ... and it manifests. There is no mind, no formation, and it surpasses all the knowledge, conceived or expressed.
         It is a new language or mode of expression where the words or the expressions express only the substance; but I was compelled to take recourse to words and sentences, just to seem to say what I wanted to express, just to guide, so that what is not written expresses itself from behind the words like an intuition.”[1]

(Mother:) “That is what you must find – the state that the experience has revealed: not by following the meaning of the word, of the expression, not even by the impression, but a direct communication of this experience by a sort of revelation, of that which seems to be expressing itself, translating itself; it is not uttered, it suggests, and we understand without it being said or pronounced, something that beckons like a vibration murmuring in the soul, the revelation of this experience and of what follows, that which is not written.”[2]

(Mother:) “The why and the how do not exist in the domain of the Supramental Consciousness because the principles of division and ignorance have no place there. It is above the dualities of the mental substance and the mental movements. It is ever luminous with the full knowledge and a will that is instantly effective the moment one thinks or wants something – without any intermediary whatsoever, – a knowledge by identity and a will that accomplishes. This is its power of execution, and I do not know what else... how to express it in a language which is so poor and which after all does not lead anywhere. And I am silent and I remain silent, knowing well that soon with the descent of the Supramental will emerge a language proper to its consciousness and its dimension, capable of expressing better all that one feels, all that one wants to say for communicating better. It will be born. Perhaps it will not be through the words or modes of expression that we now use, but by a sort of identity, a sort of concordance and a mutual exchange, without any exterior intermediary, like an extension of the consciousness, a wave that prolongs and becomes one. Or rather, one could say that it is by an expansion of the consciousness which stretches out towards the thing to be known and by identity absorbs the essence of what it wants to know and comprehend. It is a direct method, free and with a greater depth which surpasses our comprehension.”[3]

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