Supramental consciousness as experienced by Mother

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“A light, golden Light and ... benevolent. Benevolent in the sense of a certitude — a harmonious certitude.”[1]

“[T]here are two things mingled together: one is this sort of understanding and benevolent Smile, which is CONSTANT, whatever may be there, even the most stupid negations; and at the same time, underneath this benevolence (but ‘benevolence’ is a weak word), there's such a power! A tremendous power. Tremendous ... As if it were swollen with power. An almost concrete power, I don't know (Mother feels the air) ... it's a light, but a light you could touch, as it were: if it goes through your fingers, it's so concrete that you feel it go through. A deep golden light.”[2]

“[T]his Consciousness, with a vision, a perception INFINITELY SUPERIOR to the other, is solid and concrete. And the impression is ... it's so strong! I said at the beginning that I felt as if surrounded by a protection [the ‘rampart’], something solid; well, it's remained like that, with this solidity, and at the same time infinitely vaster, loftier, more understanding .... And, yes, this solidity. And in this something I must call ‘benevolence’ for lack of a better word, there's such an extraordinary Power of Compassion! Something like ... almost an intolerance of suffering — of PHYSICAL suffering (it's not much interested in the moral suffering that stems from a moral distortion, it finds it idiotic), the wholly material suffering that comes from the structure and working of the material world: it finds that unacceptable. I don't know how to express it, there's a sort of refusal to accept that.”[3]

“[T]he inner change is considerable — considerable. It's considerable: from the point of view of consciousness, it has been the greatest change in my whole existence; I've had many of them, I've worked a lot, but ... nothing in comparison with what has taken place since the 1st of January. To such a point that the body feels like a different person”[4]

“The two states are like this (Mother puts one hand tightly against the other).”[5]

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