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(Mother, 1969:) “But that state, which lasted for several hours ... never had this body, in the ninety-one years it's been on earth, felt such happiness: freedom, absolute power, and no limits (gesture here and there and everywhere), no limits, no impossibilities, nothing. It was ... all other bodies were itself. There was no difference, it was only a play of the consciousness … (gesture like a great Rhythm) moving about.
         So there.
          Apart from that, all the rest is as usual.”[1]

Mother comments on lines of Savitri:

“A pure perception lent its lucent joy:
Its intimate vision waited not to think;
It enveloped all Nature in a single glance,
It looked into the very self of things;
Deceived no more by form he saw the soul.
In beings it knew what lurked to them unknown;
It seized the idea in mind, the wish in the heart;
It plucked out from grey folds of secrecy
The motives which from their own sight men hide.
He felt the beating life in other men
Invade him with their happiness and their grief;
Their love, their anger, their unspoken hopes
Entered in currents or in pouring waves
Into the immobile ocean of his calm.
He heard the inspired sound of his own thoughts
Re-echoed in the vault of other minds;
The world’s thought-streams travelled into his ken;
His inner self grew near to others’ selves
And bore a kinship’s weight, a common tie,
Yet stood untouched, king of itself, alone. (Savitri, p.26)

This is the exact description of what happens when a human body is receiving the Superhuman Consciousness for its transformation. It is described in all details with an e-x-t-r-e-m-e exactness.
         This is a very accurate description of the working of the New Consciousness, this New Consciousness that has come upon earth and is working in all those who are receptive and ready to listen.”[2]

(Mother, 1968:) “This consciousness is extremely, extremely conscious, not only of the thing, not only of the goal, not only of the means, but even of the conditions: all of it together. In this unfolding immensity, when That looks, It knows exactly that, at this moment, this is how things must be and how they must be done.
         It's free in an absolute way — spontaneously free. Spontaneously. All action is spontaneous. It's like a vision. A vision expressing itself.”[3]

(Mother, 1963:) “There is the sense of a light (which might be like a will, but not a will formulated with words), a light that moves within it all and arranges it all, then produces a result – which isn't one small thing, one point or one thing: it's a mass of things; and it's always moving, always in motion, always in a kind of progression towards a more perfect reorganization.”[4]

(Mother, 1963:) “You know that toy that makes images when it is turned? A kaleidoscope. All the little pieces arrange themselves to form patterns – there's a lot of that in the way forces organize themselves and play. ”[5]

(Mother, 1958:) “In this new substance which is spreading and acting in the world, there is a warmth, a power, a joy so intense that all intellectual activity seems cold and dry beside it. And that is why the less one talks about these things the better it is. A single moment, a single impulse of deep and true love, an instant of the understanding which lies in the divine Grace brings you much closer to the goal than all possible explanations.”[6]

(Sri Aurobindo:) “Normally indeed the human mind cannot be awake, even with the inner waking of trance, on the supramental levels; but this disability can be overcome.”[7]

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