Sri Smriti

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(Sunanda Podder:) “The idea of having a museum in the Ashram, housing the beautiful collection of the Mother, had come up several times. When the Mother went to open the Sri Aurobindo Library in 1954, she walked through all the rooms. On reaching the terrace, she looked around and said that if she had another large and beautiful building nearby, she could keep all her beautiful things in it.
         In 1989 the first floor at Nanteuil [House] fell vacant. Dyuman, one of the Trustees of the Ashram, remembered the Mother's wish. It was decided to use this place for the Mother's museum and it was called Sri Smriti, ‘in memory of the highest’.”[1]

  1. Sunanda Podder, “Nanteuil and Sri Smriti”, Mother India, May 2012, p.355