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The Golden Chain
“The Story of Our School”

The Golden Chain 2018 Nov - The Story of Our School.jpg
(PDF, 11 pages)

(Mother:) “It is in the best possible conditions that the students are developing here, and they come in contact with this atmosphere of purity, of truth where the consciousness is charged by the transforming force of progress towards perfection and the divine love which is found nowhere, even for the cultural and aesthetic development, the refinement of the senses, of the highest degree of virtue, the appreciation of beauty, of sanctity, and the the subtle, the simple life, the spiritual influence, and above all, especially the Presence... He has amassed for us the sublime ananda and the purifying light with which the atmosphere is fully impregnated. You are breathing it, you are imbibing it, you are absorbing it without knowing this exceptional privilege which is found nowhere. It has even become a part of your existence.”[1]

“I am absolutely convinced that the education we give here by far exceeds all other systems of education in the world. Here we prepare men, adharas, and above all, souls who can dare to defy ignorance and inconscience, and all that … and all that is perverted in man and which is the cause of all his misfortunes.”[2]

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  2. Ibid., p.116

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