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(Jocelyn:) “One time, maybe in January 1972, I had gone to America for Christmas with Binah, and I came back, I had been away for five weeks. I had built the whole community, what is now Sri Ma, which was Far Beach. I had built this community after I had left my house at Bharat Nivas, Silence – I had built the whole community, workshops, houses, kitchen, everything. Myself I lived in a tiny little hut. I come back and there are some French people staying in my hut! I go over to the big community house and I ask... They said, “Nothing belongs to anybody in particular.” So I went to Pondicherry and I sent Mother a letter, “What should I do?” She replied, “Find your psychic being! (roaring with laughter) Try and I will help you. Love and blessings.” You know, she was not dealing with bullshit. It was not what was about with her. It was not: Oh (sad), if she built another hut here or there, or did this or that... No! “Do the work, I will do...” ”[1]

  1. Turning Points: An inner story of the beginnings of Auroville, p.10, “Come to India Now!”