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Painting by A. Sathya

Solitude Farm was started in January 1996 by a group of young Aurovilians with the vision of creating a self-sustainable farming community. Krishna, one of the pioneers, has developed the farm using the natural farming principles of Masanobu Fukuoka (author of The One Straw Revolution) and Permaculture techniques. The farm is a 6 acre plot and grows indigenous millets and rice, oil seeds, grams and pulses, a wide diversity of vegetables and a variety of fruit trees.

The aim of Solitude is to manifest a dynamic integrated lifestyle, incorporating music and arts with farming as the foundation of a vibrant community.


The farm runs an organic restaurant and serves daily lunches made with food grown on the farm. Solitude also runs a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, whereby subscribers receive baskets of fresh fruit and vegetables weekly.

Solitude hosts the annual Lively Up Your Earth Eco-Music Festival.


Solitude welcomes volunteers to join the farm work in the mornings (8 to 12:30) and then to stay for lunch. Experiential learning is a strong element of what Solitude is all about. Volunteers and interns interested in participating more fully in community life by staying at the farm are asked to stay for a minimum of 1 month. Please stop by the farm and talk to Krishna about coming to stay at the farm.


Solitude is located near the Visitors' Center, behind the International House and Pavilion of Tibetan Culture.


  • Email: krishnamckenzie (at)
  • Landline: 0413 262 2068
  • Mobile: 997 6681458

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