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Small Steps is an initiative promoting a responsible alternative to throw away plastic shopping bags. India generates 5600 tons of plastic waste daily, but with a Small Steps cloth bag, we no longer have to choose between “paper or plastic”. These bags are compact and come in two styles.

Small Steps has a group of volunteers in India who have committed to making 10 million bags. This initiative will also provide jobs for 1000 people in rural India. This project is to promote environmental awareness and responsibility towards Mother Earth.

Small Steps was launched on 22nd April 2007 and we are proud to announce that it has become self sustainable. It is able to generate its own income with the support and goodwill of its volunteers and patrons.

In January 2013 Small Steps started a service for lending plates and tumblers for small gatherings in Auroville, an alternative to using disposable plates and cups. The stock is with Anandi at Upasana. This initiative was inspired by the "Giftivism" Retreat held in Pune in December, 2012 by Urban Ashram.

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