Small Employees Welfare Administration (SEWA)

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SEWA was created in 1994 at the initiative of some Aurovilians, to look after the interests of non-Aurovilian workers in the 'unorganised' sector of Auroville, employed by individuals or small units. None of these workers would normally be entitled to a government pension or retirement pension or programme, for this reason SEWA manages a Retirement Fund for them and also arranges accident insurance, handles conflict resolution, and runs a job service.

Under the Retirement Fund scheme 12% of the workers' monthly wages/salary is deducted and deposited with SEWA along with an equal contribution from the employer. The amount collected from the workers and employers are deposited in Auroville Financial Service and nationalised banks. The workers can avail of a loan or withdraw part of his savings after 4 years of service subject to the Rules & Regulations laid down by SEWA for this purpose. As of 31st of March 2019, we have 276 active members enrolled under this scheme and an additional 24 members under the Gratuity Fund.

SEWA offers information and guidance on Accident and Health Insurance, minimum wages, increment, official holidays, service settlements etc. SEWA also offers to mediate and resolve conflicts between employers and employees.

A grant received from SDZ (Stichting De Zaaier – Netherlands) enables SEWA to offer interest-free educational loans/grants to students for higher education. This opportunity is offered to children of Auroville employees.


  • Phone: 262-2709
  • Email: sewa (at)