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Sehra with Mother at the Embroidery Exhibition, 20 Feb 1956.jpg

(Amal Kiran:) “On 19 February 1954 we arrived at the Ashram for permanent stay. At the end of a few uncertain months Sehra opened so beautifully to the Mother for good...”[1]

“Mother my dearest,
         I want to tell you how I meet you in the morning and how in the evening. In the morning I give you with all my love all that is best in myself. In the evening, with love I pick out from God's finest gifts to the earth – gifts like sunsets, mountain-sceneries, seascapes, woods and flowers – the essence of beauty and add to it the essence of beauty from the whole universe, the world of moon and stars, and then I offer it all to you.
         Do you know why I do this? It is because when I sit at the Distribution I see three types of people coming to you. There are a very few who offer you their love. A fairly large group is more or less indifferent. Then there is a third batch, still larger, who just grab from you things for themselves because they are thinking only of themselves. So I get very miserable and try to make up for what these people take away.
         I think my own love not sufficient because these people are too many; and it is necessary to give you all the best from everywhere.


The Mother 's answer:
“We have a poet. It !s very nice. I mean, it is true poetry, not false poetry.”[2]

(Mother, 23 February 1962:) Why were you so late? You are always in time here.

(Sehra:) I was cooking for my guests.

Have you come straight from your cooking?


Oh, that's why I have such a delicious smell. You must have prepared something very nice. It is so nice that I would like to eat it. I keep on smelling it. Yes, it is delicious. But, you know, I can't eat at present because my teeth are weak. When I get a new set of teeth – I mean not false, the real ones – then I'll ask you to prepare some food for me.”[3]

(Mother, 24 February 1962:) You must have been in Egypt once, an Egyptian lady.

(Sehra:) Mother, why do you say this?

Because I saw, just now, behind your shoulders, an Egyptian god with a head-gear on which there was an eagle. You were as if standing held and protected by him.

You are protecting me now. So it must be you at that time also.

Yes, I know, but I don't like always to say it was I or that I have done this or that. You see, it must have been a promise given at that time and it is being fulfilled now. Similarly the promise which is given now will be fulfilled in the course of time – in the future.”[4]

“Dearest Mother,
         I am very sorry to trouble you but a certain experience needs to be told so that I may have your guidance. It has been going on for several months and now it is more intense. All objects around me – including bottles and soaps and even stones and walls – are like living beings. You know that I was always in contact with the life of trees, but this is something new. To make you see how far it has gone I will tell you my experience of last night.
         I woke up suddenly from sleep as if somebody had been calling me. I sat puzzled for a while and then thought of going to the bathroom. The moment I entered it, all objects started speaking to me. The mug said, “You haven't put me in my right place near the pail.” And the water in the pail said, “You didn't wash your face with me but with tap-water.” There were also other things I had not done as usual – things which I purposely do every day to satisfy the demand of the objects.
         So I understood that these objects had woken me up. I felt as if they were beginning to possess me. I don't mind making them happy, but I shouldn't get cracked. What is happening and what should I do?”

The Mother's remarks:
There is nothing to be alarmed about. I consider this sensitiveness as natural. It is simply that you are becoming more conscious, and there is not much difficulty in telling these things, before you retire, to keep quiet during the night in order not to disturb your sleep.
         With love and blessings.

Sehra's interview 1.10.1963:
As soon as I went to Mother, she asked, “Are you still in cantact with them?”
         “With whom?” I questioned, a little surprised.
         “With the objects around you.”
         “Yes, Mother, but I must tell you that after I wrote to you I felt rather guilty. At night they seemed to say, ‘So you have told Mother about us.’ ”
         “There is nothing to feel guilty about. And, as I wrote to you, you must keep in contact with them, because you will then begin to see many things. But you must have some control over the objects. To them you are like a God and they will obey and do what you want. You must be calm and firm with them and not allow them to grip you in any way.
         You know how, when I used to give flowers, the flowers spoke to me, sometimes asking to be picked up. Even when I was in France, objects used to speak. I had a vegetable and flower garden. Often the vegetables would call me from afar when I was in my own room. They would say, ‘Pick us up, we are ready.’ And I would go and see and find they were right... It is good to open yourself. You will learn a lot.”[5]

(14 June 1970) “Dearest Mother,
         Some time back I said to you that I would like to tell you something about my state of health and mind.
         In 1956 or 1957 I had a dream. Some being was saying to me what my life would be like if I stayed here with you. I was shown everything. There was darkness, and big stones were thrown from all sides on my body, completely breaking it. Then the being showing me this said: “If you live with the Mother, this is what she will do to you.” I replied: “Never mind. Let the body break.”
         Then again the being said: “Not only your body but also your mind will break.” And again I replied: “It doesn't matter. Let her do what she likes.”
         Then I was shown the other side. If I left you, my body would be quite healthy and everything would be most pleasant. After seeing this, I still said: “I have chosen to live with the Mother.”
         So far, my eyes were shut during the dream. Then, in the dream itself, I opened them. Everything was quiet, and on the horizon I saw a band of light.
         Mother, I want to know the meaning of all this. The dream has come true in regard to my body and mind. My body is becoming weaker and weaker. All my energy is going and I can't work even to occupy my mind. I feel as if I were being broken to pieces. And I get ideas which are not healthy. This condition is there not only in Pondicherry but more or less in Bombay too. The general feeling is as if you were breaking me in order to make from me something that you wish. Is that true?
         And what about that band of light on the horizon? Is it something meant to be after this life or in this life itself?
         Please let me know the truth.

With love,

The Mother's interpretation:
The eyes closed represent ordinary consciousness which is blind to the truth.
         When you opened your eyes you saw the light of the truth towards which you are going. What is needed is the endurance and the patience to face the apparently unpleasant preparation that is making you ready to emerge in the light of the truth.
         Keep your faith in the Divine and all will be well.”[6]

(Amal Kiran:) “Once the Mother said to me in Sehra's presence: “She knows better than you how to love. Do you know where her soul is?” Then the Mother pointed to the middle of her own chest and continued: “It dwells here quite snugly all the time.” ”[7]

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