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Annual Report 2017-18

SAIIER 2017-18 icon.jpg
PDF (200 pages)

Report from the SAIIER office

Auroville schools

Aha! Kindergarten Photos icon.png
Deepanam School Photos icon.png
Dehashakti School of Physical Education
Future School Photos icon.png
Kindergarten Photos icon.png
Last School Photos icon.png
Lilaloka Photos icon.png
Nandanam Kindergarten Photos icon.png
Teachers' Center
      •   Supportive Learning Teacher Training Course and Supervision for Auroville Schools Photos icon.png
TLC (The Learning Community)
      •   Baking English Photos icon.png
      •   Independent Learning Photos icon.png
Transition School Photos icon.png
      •   Creativity Throughout the Program
      •   Holistic Assessment for Integral Education

Outreach schools

Aikiyam School
      •   Establishing an Affective Curriculum Photos icon.png
Arulvazhi Education Centre
Aurohamsadhwani Arts Centre Photos icon.png
Ilaignarkal Education Centre Photos icon.png
Isai Ambalam School Photos icon.png
Kuilappalayam Cultural Centre Photos icon.png
Life Education Centre Photos icon.png
      •   Research on Education, Skills, Employment and Employability among Youth in the Auroville Bioregion
Oli School
      •   Deep learning of Mathematics through EBD and materials
      •   Effective learning environments by utilization of LIAPs (Leadership in Action Programs) in STEM
      •   Factors and interventions influencing students' attitude towards mathematics Photos icon.png

Facilities and programs

Aranya Forest
      •   Awareness camps on bio-diversity conservation
      •   Attending the 48th International Film Festival of India in Goa
      •   “Panorama of Contemporary Indian Cinema”
      •   “Auroville – From seed to sapling”
Auroville Archives
Auroville Campus Initiative
Auroville Nature Camp
Auroville Theatre Group Photos icon.png Video icon.png
CRIPA Photos icon.png
Eluciole Circus School Photos icon.png
Gratitude Animal Farm
Kailash Youth Residency Photos icon.png
Kalabhumi Art Studio Photos icon.png
Kalabhumi Music Studio
Laboratory of Evolution – Centre of Human Unity
Pitanga Cultural Centre Photos icon.png
Sanskrit Research Institute
Savitri Bhavan Photos icon.png Video icon.png
Savitri Hostel
Scholarship and Educational Fund
Telos Photos icon.png
Unity Pavilion Photos icon.png

Independent projects


Aurogames Research, Development and Implementation (Paula C.)   Video icon.png
Developing and testing Auroville-based supplementary materials for standard curricula, more effective sustainability education in schools (Deoyani) Photos icon.png
“Seeds of the Sacred Groves”: Presentation at the Madras University International Conference (Bogi) Photos icon.png
Survey of post-Tsunami Eco-Restoration efforts by Auroville in three villages along the coast (Nina) Photos icon.png


Arjuna Archery Photos icon.png
Auroville Film Festival 2017 Photos icon.png
Auroville Tinkering School
Awareness Through the Body (ATB) (Aloka)
BHU/EARTH Performances Photos icon.png
Cooking program Photos icon.png
“Divine Flowers” exhibition Video icon.png
Educational Food Growing Programs at three Auroville schools (Priya V.) Photos icon.png
Film Making Apprenticeship Video icon.png
Innovative Open Source Developer Training
Mandala Practice (Rosalba)
Mira Cultural Group
Mother's Photographs (Francesca)
My Creative Satsang (Francesca)
Stewardship for New Emergence Photos icon.png
The Unicorn Collective – Season 2 (Celine) Photos icon.png
“Veil: Two Sisters” (Hartmut)
White Peacock Ceramic Studio Photos icon.png
Yoga awareness and demonstration in ten bioregion villages


“An Integral Education for Growth and Blossoming” (Fabrice D.)
“Jalaja the Gentle Fish” (Jyoti K.) Photos icon.png
“Mango Tree” (Nathalie) Photos icon.png
“The Smile of the Acacia” (Marie)
Translation of “Petit cahier d'exercices pour accompagner nos enfants à écouter et transformer leurs émotions par la méditation” (Marie-Claire)
“Yusuf and the Little Mouse” (Ruchi M.) Photos icon.png

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