SAIIER 2016:"The Treasure of the Flame Island"

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Tetra Pak workshops
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The Voyage of the Caterpillar
The Treasure of the Flame Island
An Air of Auroville short story


The purpose of this project was to convey through illustrated short stories, with the help of Papui and Something Else and their friends, the secret “Air of Auroville”.

Description of project

“The Treasure of the Flame Island” is one part of a larger project originally conceived as a series of 6 short illustrated stories, written and illustrated by Emanuele. It is the fourth story, now considered the last in the series. The 4 stories are:

  1. “Butterfly of Light”
  2. “My First Sunbeam”
  3. “The Golden Thread”
  4. “The Treasure of the Flame Island”


4 slide shows with sound tracks were created for the 4 stories. Two layout books in two different sizes were created for “The Treasure of the Flame Island".


It was a delight to convey the secret Air of Auroville.

The process followed is perfect as it is; it takes the right time and way of being expressed.

It would be lovely to print them all in the end, considering the feedback coming from the many people who have seen the slide shows of the 4 stories.