SAIIER 2014:"Glimpses of The Mother"

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Flowers and their spiritual significances given by The Mother
"Glimpses of The Mother"


The aim was to create an informative exhibition as a homage to the Mother on the Centenary of her first arrival in Pondicherry and meeting with Sri Aurobindo (29 March 2019), that would at the same time be of long-lasting value for visitors to Savitri Bhavan, wishing for information about the Mother’s life and work.

Description of project

First the researcher identified significant dates in the Mother’s life. Relevant texts and photos were assembled in chronological order to form the core of the exhibition. Then additional introductory panels were assembled to cast light on the significance of the Mother’s incarnation. Then panels were added at the end of the series, showing photographs of the Mother accompanied by lines from Savitri. When all the materials had been decided upon and assembled, a design process was undertaken with the assistance of the Auroville unit Prisma under the guidance of Savitri Bhavan’s architect and aesthetic adviser, Helmut. Finally the panels were printed and framed.


An exhibition of 54 panels of photos and texts was assembled and displayed at Savitri Bhavan from February 1 to March 31, 2014 along with additional information materials in the form of books and folders.


Many Aurovilians and visitors viewed this display and gained new insights into the Mother’s life and work. This exhibition has been much appreciated by many visitors. We intend to modify the original panel designs to create a digital slide-show accompanied by appropriate music, for posting on the Bhavan’s web-site, so that the content of the exhibition can reach a wider range of viewers.

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