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(Udar Pinto:) “When Auroville was to be inaugurated, the Mother wanted all the nations of the world to collaborate and send representatives, a young man and a young woman with a piece of earth from their country. This earth was to be put into the Urn at the Centre of Auroville. While this was being done, another representative of the country would read out the Charter of Auroville in the language of the country concerned and thus accept this Charter of the World City.
         Now, the communist countries, led by Russia, refused to participate because in the Charter were these words: “We accept to be servitors of the Divine Consciousness.”
         This refusal by a very important block of countries was very unfortunate and Mother asked me to see the Russian Consul General about it. And so I went to him. He was very kind and courteous to me but very firmly continued to refuse because, as he said, in their outlook they could not accept the idea of God. When I explained to him that a Divine Consciousness did not necessarily imply an acceptance of the idea of God, he would not agree. He assured me that personally he was very sympathetic because the Russians have a deep inner sense but as an official representative of his government he could not accept my explanation because to them the Divine meant God.
         So there was a deadlock.
         Then I meditated a bit and called on Mother to direct me. This she did at once. I asked the Russian Consul General if his government would accept the idea of Progress. He said that they most certainly would, as it was the basis of their whole approach to life. Then I asked, “But progress towards what goal?” He answered, “Just a continual progress. There is no need to specify a goal.” I asked further, “Would your government accept Perfection as the goal of Progress?” He agreed at once to this. Then I asked again, “Would they accept the concept of Ultimate Perfection?” He countered, “What is Ultimate Perfection? It is only words without meaning.” I said, “Your country has produced great mathematicians and mathematics is not possible without an acceptance of zero and infinity, which are also only words, apparently, and would never really be reached.” To this he agreed, and accepted the concept of Ultimate Perfection. Then I said, “But Ultimate Perfection is exactly the meaning of Divine Consciousness.” That broke the deadlock, and he agreed to this.
         Then all other communist countries also agreed to participate. In their version of the Charter, they changed the words ‘Divine Consciousness’ to ‘Perfect Consciousness’.”[1]

  1. “Udar Remembers”, The Golden Bridge (compilation), Auropublications, August 1978, p.93

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