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The Residents' Assembly Service (RAS) is a neutral body in service of the Residents' Assembly (RA), including its working groups and community at large.

Vision: The Residents' Assembly Service supports the collective to embody the Auroville Charter and The Dream by fostering trust and unity.

Purpose: To support the Community of Auroville to organise itself towards its highest potential.

Articles from and about the RASYear
News & Notes 929:New members of the five working groups2022
News & Notes 927:Heartfelt gratitude for each one (from RAS about Community Gathering)2022
News & Notes 922:The Governing Board directs the Residents Assembly to pause all decisions taken by the Residents Assembly2022
News & Notes 922:Summary of the results of the RAD on Working Committee members2022
News & Notes 920:RAM report – Follow-up RAM on vote of no confidence in WC2022
News & Notes 917:Follow-up RA Meeting in preparation for a decision-making on the Selection Process proposal2022
News & Notes 916:RA Meeting to discuss a proposal and proceed to decision making – no confidence in WC2022
News & Notes 907:Petitions and Residents Assembly Decision-Making (RAD)2022
News & Notes 907:Outcome of the RA Decision-Making process2022
News & Notes 907:Invitation to RAM to discuss Selection Process proposal2022

Residents' Assembly Service members:
Person icon full.png Person icon full.png Person icon full.png Person icon full.png Person icon full.png

2022 Dan, Giovanni, Sathish, Tatiana, (Verena)
2021 Dan, Giovanni, Sathish, Tatiana, Verena, (Manojkumar)
2020 Manojkumar, Sathish, Tatiana


  • Office: Town Hall
  • Public hours: Tuesday & Thursday, 10am to 12pm
  • Email: raservice (at)

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