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(Rajangam:) “24th November 1926 was indeed a glorious day. It was the day of the descent of Sri Krishna Consciousness into Sri Aurobindo. I still remember Datta (the Irish lady attending on the Mother) exclaiming as if in trance:

“He has conquered Life.
He has conquered Death.
He has conquered All.
Krishna the Lord has descended!”

         During all this period I used to come in contact with the Mother in connection with my work of fetching things from the French Post Office, French Treasury, etc. Her smile used to make me deeply happy. When I mentioned this to Sri Aurobindo, he told me that he had made this arrangement precisely to let me come into her atmosphere.
         In one of my meetings the Mother referred to my past lives and said that in my last birth I was Barat during the French Revolution days in France.[1]

(Amal Kiran:) “As I was new, I did not know properly how to meditate. I thought the best procedure was to keep my eyes open and watch the others getting into meditation. (laughter) That would be one of the first lessons of my Yoga. And I kept on watching and saw a lot of things which I put into a series of cartoons. (laughter) … Perhaps the most dynamic meditation was of a person who did not sway in a semi-circle but who, losing outer consciousness, would nod forward – not only with his head but with his whole body. And the nodding kept increasing in tempo until his head either went bang into the back of whoever was in front of him or, if there was nobody near enough to cushion the blow, fall with a terrific thud upon the floor. (laughter) The Mother would open her eyes wondering what had been the sudden explosion (laughter) and the exploder would himself wake up and look all around in extreme astonishment. (laughter) But I really admire the simplicity, the sincerity, the lack of self-consciousness which enabled him to laugh at himself afterwards when his friends poked fun at him. His case was outstanding enough for Nirod to ask Sri Aurobindo once what exactly was happening. Sri Aurobindo explained that Rajangam's consciousness completely left his body during meditation.”[2]

(Rajangam:) “During those early years of the Ashram life the Mother used to allot numbers to those who attended the meditations. Mine was No. 9.
         She used to bring down the Gods. The godhead that was brought down into me was ADORATION.”[3]

(Champaklal:) “While giving Sri Aurobindo’s lunch dish to me after he had finished, Mother said: “The Being we want to manifest in you demands your complete surrender. He is one of four brothers. He wants to manifest in you and is waiting for you to be ready. And that Being wishes that I should work in you.”

On another day she said: “The Being has entered into you.”

The next day, she said: To bring down Immortality four pillars are needed. Of them

Purity is Kanai,
Faith is Tirupati,
Adoration is Rajangam,
Aspiration is Champaklal.”[4]

(Rajangam:) “On my birthday April 30, 1928 Sri Aurobindo wrote in the book The Mother given to me:

“Be always faithful to the Mother.
She will be ever with you and protect you.”[5]

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