Questions and Answers 1950–1951

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Questions and Answers 1950 – 1951


21 December The Mother of Dreams 1 Paper icon.png
Acting without preference and desire 1
Knowing the Divine Will 2
The teacher’s mission 3
23 December Concentration and energy 4 Paper icon.png
25 December Christmas: festival of Light 6 Paper icon.png
Energy and mental growth 6
Meditation and concentration 7
The Mother of Dreams 10
Playing a game well, and energy 10
28 December Correct judgment 11 Paper icon.png
30 December Perfection and progress 14 Paper icon.png
Dynamic equilibrium 15
True sincerity 17


4 January Transformation and reversal of consciousness 18 Paper icon.png
8 January True vision and understanding of the world 22 Paper icon.png
Progress, equilibrium 24
Inner reality; the psychic 25
Animals and the psychic 27
11 January Modesty and vanity 29 Paper icon.png
Generosity 30
13 January Aim of life; effort and joy 31 Paper icon.png
Science of living; becoming conscious 33
Forces and influences 35
15 January Sincerity; inner discernment; inner light 38 Paper icon.png
Evil and imbalance 40
Consciousness and instruments 40
20 January Developing the mind 43 Paper icon.png
Misfortunes, suffering; developed reason 44
Knowledge and pure ideas 47
25 January Needs and desires 49 Paper icon.png
Collaboration of the vital; mind an accomplice 50
Progress and sincerity; recognising faults 52
Organising the body; illness; new harmony; physical beauty 54
27 January Sleep; desires; repression; the subconscient 58 Paper icon.png
Dreams; the superconscient solving problems 60
Ladder of being; samādhi 61
Phases of sleep; silence, true rest 62
Vital body and illness 63
3 February What is Yoga? for what? 64 Paper icon.png
Aspiration; seeking the Divine 67
Process of yoga; renouncing the ego 70
5 February Surrender and tapasya 72 Paper icon.png
Dealing with difficulties; sincerity; spiritual discipline 73
Narrating experiences 76
Vital impulse and will for progress 77
8 February Unifying the being; ideas of good and bad 80 Paper icon.png
Miracles; determinism; Supreme Will 82
Distinguishing the voice of the Divine 87
10 February Liberty and license; surrender makes you free 90 Paper icon.png
Men in authority as representatives of the divine Truth 92
Work as offering; total surrender needs time 93
Effort and inspiration; will and patience 94
12 February Receiving the divine force 96 Paper icon.png
Signs indicating readiness for the path 97
Weakness in mind and vital 98
Intense concentration for breaking through 100
Divine perception and human notion of good and bad 101
Conversion and consecration; progress 102
Signs of entering the spiritual path; meditation of different kinds 103
Mounting aspiration; concentration in the Playground 105
15 February Dreams, symbolic; true repose 107 Paper icon.png
False visions 108
Earth-memory and history 110
17 February False visions 113 Paper icon.png
Offering one’s will 114
Equilibrium; progress; maturity 116
Ardent self-giving: perfecting the instrument 117
Difficulties, a help in total realisation; paradoxes 118
Sincerity; spontaneous meditation 120
Ashram meditation and Playground concentration 122
19 February Exteriorisation: clairvoyance, fainting, etc. 124 Paper icon.png
Somnambulism; Tartini; children’s dreams 127
Nightmares; guru’s protection 129
Mind and vital roam during sleep 130
22 February Surrender, offering, consecration 132 Paper icon.png
Experiences and sincerity 135
Aspiration and desire; Vedic hymns 136
Concentration and time 137
24 February Psychic being and entity; dimensions 139 Paper icon.png
Psychic in the atom 141
Death; exteriorisation; unconsciousness 142
Past lives; psychic can progress only upon earth 144
Psychic’s choice of birth 145
Consecration to divine Work; psychic memories 147
Individualisation; psychic organises for progress 149
26 February On reading books; gossip 152 Paper icon.png
Discipline and realisation 153
Value of imaginary stories 154
Private lives of big men; relaxation 156
Understanding others; gnostic consciousness 157
1 March Universe and the Divine 160 Paper icon.png
Freedom and determinism; Grace 161
Time and Creation: in the Supermind 162
Work and its results 163
The psychic being; beauty and love 164
Flowers: beauty and significance 166
Choice of reincarnating psychic being 168
3 March Hostile forces; difficulties 169 Paper icon.png
Individuality and form; creation 172
5 March Disasters: the forces of Nature 175 Paper icon.png
Story of the “Charity Bazaar” 176
Liberation and law 177
Dealing with the mind and vital: methods 178
8 March Silencing the mind; changing the nature 182 Paper icon.png
Reincarnation: choice 183
Psychic, higher beings, gods incarnating 184
Incarnation of vital beings; the Lord of Falsehood; Hitler 185
Possession and madness 186
10 March Fairy tales: serpent guarding treasure 189 Paper icon.png
Vital beings: their incarnations 190
The vital being after death 191
Nightmares: vital and mental 193
Mind and vital after death 195
The spirit of the form: Egyptian mummies 196
12 March Mental forms; learning difficult subjects 198 Paper icon.png
Mental fortress; thought 199
Training the mind 203
Helping the vital being after death; ceremonies 204
Human stupidities 205
14 March Plasticity 207 Paper icon.png
Conditions for knowing the Divine Will 208
Illness; microbes 209
Fear; body-reflexes 211
The best possible happens 213
Theories of Creation 214
True knowledge; a work to do 215
17 March The universe: eternally new and same 217 Paper icon.png
Traditions about Pralaya 218
Light and thought; new consciousness and forces 219
The expanding universe; inexpressible experiences 221
Ashram surcharged with vibrations of Light; new force 222
Differently vibrating atmospheres 223
19 March Mental worlds and their beings 225 Paper icon.png
Understanding in silence 227
Psychic world: its characteristics 229
True experiences and mental formations; twelve senses 230
22 March Relativity: time 232 Paper icon.png
Consciousness; psychic Witness 233
The twelve senses; water-divining 235
Instinct in animals; story of Mother’s cat 237
24 March Descent of divine Love, of Consciousness 240 Paper icon.png
Earth: a symbolic formation; the divine Presence 242
The psychic being and other worlds; divine Love and Grace 243
Becoming conscious of divine Love 244
Finding one’s psychic being 245
Responsibility 246
26 March Losing all to gain all; psychic being 247 Paper icon.png
Transforming the vital 248
Changing physical habits; the subconscient 251
Overcoming difficulties; weakness, an insincerity 252
Changing oneself to change the world 253
Psychic source and flash of experience; preparation for yoga 255
29 March The Great Vehicle and the Little Vehicle 257 Paper icon.png
Choosing one’s family, country 258
The vital being distorted; atavism 260
Sincerity; changing one’s character 262
31 March Physical ailment and mental disorder 263 Paper icon.png
Curing an illness spiritually 264
Receptivity of the body 265
The subtle-physical: illness, accidents 268
Curing sunstroke and other disorders 270
2 April Causes of accidents 272 Paper icon.png
Little entities, helpful or mischievous: incidents 274
5 April Illusion and interest in action 277 Paper icon.png
The action of the divine Grace and the ego 279
Concentration, aspiration, will, inner silence 282
Value of a story or a “language” 283
Truth; diversity in the world 285
7 April Origin of evil 286 Paper icon.png
Misery: its cause 288
9 April Modern art 296 Paper icon.png
Trend of art in Europe in the twentieth century 301
Effect of the Wars; descent of vital worlds 301
Formation of character 303
If there is another war 303
12 April Japan, its art, landscapes, life, etc. 305 Paper icon.png
Enchantment of Japan 308
Culture: its spiral movement 309
Indian and European: the spiritual life 311
Art and Truth 312
14 April Surrender and sacrifice 314 Paper icon.png
Idea of sacrifice; Bahaism; martyrdom 315
Sleep: forgetfulness, exteriorisation, etc. 317
Dreams and visions: explanations 318
Exteriorisation: incidents about cats 320
17 April Unity and diversity 323 Paper icon.png
Protective envelope; desires; consciousness, the true defence 323
Perfection of the physical instrument; the cinema 324
Choice, constant and conscious 325
The law of one’s being; the One and the infinite Multiplicity 326
Civilisation: preparing an instrument 328
19 April Demands and needs; human nature 331 Paper icon.png
Abolishing the ego 332
Food: tamas, consecration 333
Changing the nature: the vital and the mind 334
The yoga of the body; cellular consciousness 337
21 April Sri Aurobindo’s letter on conditions for doing yoga 340 Paper icon.png
Aspiration, tapasya, surrender 342
The lower vital; old habits; obsession 344
Sri Aurobindo on choice and the double life 346
The old fiasco; inner realisation and outer change 348
23 April The goal and the way 350 Paper icon.png
Learning how to sleep; relaxation 351
Adverse forces: test of sincerity 353
Attitude to suffering and death 354
26 April Irrevocable transformation 356 Paper icon.png
The divine Shakti; glad submission 357
Rejection, integral 358
Consecration; total self-forgetfulness; work 363
28 April Personal effort; tamas, laziness 365 Paper icon.png
Static and dynamic power 367
Stupidity; psychic and intelligence 368
Philosophies: different “languages” 369
Theories of Creation 370
Surrender of one’s being and one’s work 372
3 May Money and its use for the divine work; problems 374 Paper icon.png
Mastery over desire: individual and collective change 381
5 May Needs and desires 383 Paper icon.png
Discernment; sincerity and true perception 385
Mantra and its effects 388
Object in action: to serve; relying only on the Divine 389
7 May A hierarchy 391 Paper icon.png
Transcendent, universal, individual Divine 391
The Supreme Shakti and Creation 392
Inadequacy of words, language 394
11 May Mahakali and Kali 395 Paper icon.png
Avatar and Vibhuti 397
Sachchidananda behind all states of being 398
The power of will; receiving the divine Will 399
12 May Mahalakshmi and beauty in life 402 Paper icon.png
Mahasaraswati; conscious hand 403
Riches and poverty 403
14 May Chance; the play of forces 405 Paper icon.png
Peace, given and lost 408
Abolishing the ego 410

Notes are paraphrased from the “Publisher's Note” and “Note on the Texts”.