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Words of the Mother – III
“Progress and Perfection”

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(Mother:) “There is only one way of acting truly, it is to try at each moment, each second, in each movement to express only the highest truth one can perceive, and at the same time know that this perception has to be progressive and that what seems to you the most true now will no longer be so tomorrow, and that a higher truth will have to be expressed more and more through you. This leaves no room any longer for sleeping in a comfortable tamas; one must be always awake — I am not speaking of physical sleep — one must be always awake, always conscious and always full of an enlightened receptivity and of goodwill. To want always the best, always the best, always the best and never tell oneself, “Oh! It is tiring! Let me rest, let me relax! Ah, I am going to stop making an effort”; then one is sure to fall into a hole immediately and make a big stupid blunder!
         The rest must not be one which goes down into the inconscience and tamas. The rest must be an ascent into the Light, into perfect Peace, total Silence, a rest which rises up out of the darkness. Then it is true rest, a rest which is an ascent.”[1]

(Shyam Sundar, 1969:) “The Mother's patience is so infinite that she can be accused of slowness!

(Mother:) And yet the work of transformation goes as fast as it can; there are even a number of persons who cannot follow it and are thrown out of balance.
         But usually the notion of time is based for man on his bodily existence which is terribly short.”[2]

(Shyam Sundar:) “He who is chosen by the Infinite cannot escape, but it is true that he tries to escape. Why, Mother?

(Mother:) Men have fear of what they do not know, above all of what which is much superior to them.”[3]

(Mother:) “There comes a time when the being is fully developed, fully individualised, fully master of itself and its destiny. When this being or one of these psychic beings has reached that stage and takes birth in a human being, that makes a very great difference: the human being, so to say, is born free. He is not tied to circumstances, to surroundings, to his origin and atavism, like ordinary people. He comes into the world with the purpose of doing something, with a work to carry out, a mission to fulfil. From this point of view his progress in growth has come to an end, that is, it is not indispensable for him to take birth again in a body. Till then rebirth is a necessity, for it is through rebirth that he grows; it is in the physical life and in a physical body that he gradually develops and becomes a fully conscious being. But once he is fully formed, he is free, in this sense that he can take birth or not, at will. So there, one kind of progress stops.
         But if this fully formed being wants to become an instrument of work for the Divine, if instead of retiring to repose in a psychic bliss, in its own domain, he chooses to be a worker upon earth to help in the fulfilment of the Divine Work, then he has a fresh progress to make, a progress in the capacity for work, for organisation of his work and for expression of the Divine Will. So there is a time when the thing changes. So long as he remains in the world, so long as he chooses to work for the Divine, he will progress. Only if he withdraws into the psychic world and refuses to continue doing the Divine Work or renounces it, can he remain in a static condition outside all progress, because, as I have told you, only upon earth is there progress, only in the physical world; it is not acquired everywhere. ln the psychic world there is a kind of blissful repose. One remains what one is, without any movement.”[4]

(Mother:) “It is this that I catch hold of, the light of this awakened consciousness, the progress in the aspiration. I do not see the dirt and the defects that are there all around, nor the clouds of inconscience that cover the being. All this, I sweep aside and I see the central being – the soul – which tells me of the possibility that is there, that is trying to express itself and to emerge. When I look, the screen which was covering it opens itself and the soul tells me all that is to be done. And it is this that draws one forward, so that there is a contact with the central being which expresses its will to act directly to make the necessary progress.

(Mona Sarkar:) I am trying, Mother, but it is difficult.

And yet I am constantly pushing you forward.”[5]

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