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On Education
“Physical Education”

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(Mother to Mona Sarkar:) “In some places I noticed that the atmosphere thrills with this unique vibration interspersed here and there; and those who are open and receptive, fulfilling the conditions demanded by these elements, have been able to awaken to this New Consciousness. They have had only a slight glimpse of what this substance is and they are astonished to find the effect it can bring about on the body, without knowing what it is. You see, these people who are concerned with the physical, purely physical, not mental, that means physically physical, – those who aim at the perfection of the body, and consequently the perfection in the domain of execution, of skill, strength, endurance, in whatever form of physical expression, those who have consecrated their lives to pursue this ideal rigorously with an unparalleled will and discipline, – these persons have felt something, have been touched by this transforming light. They express it in an ordinary way, a bit vaguely because they have not learnt to express themselves properly. They did not have a formal education. But in spite of it they express the essence of what they feel, of what they have found by following these rigorous disciplines, this sense of an opening that made them invincible, this sense of exceeding oneself, of going beyond all limits, as if projected into the infinite – of flying without restraint in this physical body – as if entering into another dimension, into another plane of consciousness, – this sense of immortality. I see them, how this New Force has seized them to transmute their life, their attitude and their self-giving towards this unknown power which they do not understand. It is a marvellous work that these athletes have been able to accomplish and they will be crowned with further perfections because of their will to find something new and their simple attitude.
         Everywhere I see them, it is as if I have sown the seeds of the New Consciousness where these people are sprouting up who are able to absorb in the cells this joy that sparkles and awakens the consciousness to a light without form. It is in the atmosphere here and there, this element that is working to change the particles in the depths of the inconscience, in the nucleus where I have been able to light a spark of this New Light. And there, you see a life which throbs and aspires.”[1]

(Mother to Mona Sarkar:) “How astonishing it is, the way these people who are engaged in physical culture, who work with the body, the athletes, have been able to catch hold of this thread, this vibration which comes from matter to express this consciousness, this New Force, in their effort towards perfection, because they are physically bound in matter, because they are linked to matter by a mutual interdependence where one helps the other by a fusion of consciousness to effectuate a change. One can say that these are the precursors or the emanations of the New Wave. What is interesting is how this force is working in Nature as well as on the physical aspirants to bring about a radical change in their life and they are convinced that there is some other phenomenon that governs their life. Perhaps it has not yet spread in the masses, but those few who have been seized by it are charged by an ecstasy to blossom into a new world.
         They feel something new coursing through their muscles, nerves and cells, which gives them the energy and the force, the courage and the endurance to surpass all the physical law and absorb a new process of this realm of universal power, and they have proved what one can do with the body. It is unimaginable, it exceeds all limits.”[2]

(Chitra Sen:) “She used to judge our gymnastic competition events – this continued for one or two years, I remember. She gave us marks for our performance. I will give you one example of Her judging. We had a sequence of movements on the parallel bar. It was a little difficult, at least for me. Quite complicated even according to the standards now. When I met the Mother after the performance She told me, “The way you were doing, I thought you would come first”. (I had secured the second place.) Then She said something interesting; “Physically your performance was all right but in you there was a fear. And for that reason I took away some marks.” You see it is so difficult if She judges like that! But She was absolutely right.”[3]

(Prithwi Singh, 1948:) “Ma douce Mère,
         In view of the strong impetus given to games and sports and other aids for the development of the body at the present time, there is a general feeling that it is an indispensable part of sadhana and therefore those who are not taking part in it in some form or another have divorced themselves form the full action of the Force...
         I have personally kept myself aloof from these activities, the overriding reason being bad eyesight, though in my younger days, for some years at least, I had done a lot of exercises, dumbbells etc. and some asanas. There is also certain temperamental disinclination.

(Mother:) Do not be anxious – there is no necessity of doing physical exercise for realising the supramental!
         To explain in details what is happening now would take too much time – but one thing is certain: each one must follow his own line irrespective of what the others do and the goal is open to all sincere and steady endeavour.”[4]

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