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(Mother to a student:) “Have you prepared a question for your Birthday?

(Student:) What is the significance of 18?

Of the number 18?
         It depends on how it is read.
         It can be read as 10+8; it can be read as 9+9; it can be read as 12+6. And each of these readings has a different meaning.
         If we take 10+8, it can indicate something quite immobile: because 10 indicates a static perfection, something which has reached its perfection and stops there; and 8 is a double enclosure, that is, something which is framed in, surrounded, demarcated, and which naturally stops there. So if we put 10 and 8 together it truly makes something which can be an accomplishment but one that is terminated.
         On the other hand, if we take 9+9: 9 is the process of creation — not the creation itself but its process — and 9+9 is a process of creation which continues and follows another process of creation, that is, a creation which is dual and implies the idea that it continues indefinitely. This gives us two meanings which are almost contradictory.
         And if we take 12 and 6, then it becomes something very good. 12, you know what it is, don’t you? It is the number of perfection in conception and creation; and 6 is the number of the new creation. So if you put 12 and 6 together, you truly have something absolutely remarkable.
         Now we can have other combinations. But it becomes a little more complicated.
         18 itself — as 18 — was the number of the consciousness in its effort for material realisation: the consciousness trying to realise itself materially, express itself materially.
         So now you have something...
         From the social point of view it is the first number for attaining majority, the first majority; that is, from eighteen onwards one has one’s own will, one has the right to have one’s own will, from the social point of view. It is clearly a very interesting starting-point.
         There, then.

Sweet Mother, has each person’s number a different significance for each one?

If one wants to give it, yes.
         If one doesn’t think about it, it doesn’t signify anything at all. It’s the importance one gives it which counts.
         Numbers are a way of speaking. It is a language, as all the sciences, all the arts, everything that man produces; it is always a way of speaking, it is a language. If one adopts this language it becomes living, expressive, useful. As we need words to make ourselves understood usually — unfortunately it is liable to all kinds of confusions, but still we haven’t yet reached the state where we can communicate in silence, which, obviously, would be a very much higher state — well, if you want to give numbers a meaning in your life, they can reveal to you quite a lot of things. But it’s like that. It is like astrology: if one wants to study the relation between his life and the movement of the stars, one can also find all kinds of useful information.
         Fundamentally it is a way of knowing, nothing else — a process. True knowledge is beyond words, beyond systems, beyond languages; it is in a silent identity. It is in fact the only one which does not err.”[1]

(Written by Mother:)

“1 — The One
2 — Decision for Creation
3 — Beginning of Creation
4 — Manifestation
5 — Power
6 — Creation
7 — Realisation
8 — Occult Formation
9 — Power of Static Fulfilment
10 — Power of Expression
11 — Progress
12 — Perfect Manifestation Stabilised”[2]

(Recorded by a disciple and approved by Mother:)

“1 — The Origin
2 — Appearance of the Creative Consciousness
3 — Sachchidananda
4 — Manifestation
5 — Power
6 — New Creation
7 — Realisation
8 — Double Enclosure (protection from inner and outer enemies)
9 — New Birth
10 — Perfection
11 — Progress
12 — Double Perfection (spiritual and material)
14 — Transformation§”[3]

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