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18 July 2020

Beauty and Ugliness

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever” (Keats, “Endymion”)

Some people are very beautiful: Sri Aurobindo, the Mother, Leonardo da Vinci, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Leo Tolstoy etc.

But many human beings hate one another, according the Latin proverb: “homo homini lupus est”: one man is a wolf for another man. They started the wars, created nuclear bombs, chemical pesticides, deforestation of planet...

Once I walked with my two long sticks between Center Guesthouse and Solar Kitchen. Opposite me about one hundred children moved on bicycles, together with some adults. One of these adults (evidently a teacher) stopped near me and said: "Auroville is beautiful." Of course, I agreed with him. Auroville is a fine example of collaboration of beautiful people with beautiful nature. But it was an ugly place before 1968 – about half a century ago: a semi-desert landscape, erosion. Sunny beams fell here and return in cosmos. It’s called entropy.

But now we have the opposite process in our beautiful city: the numerous plants catch the sunny days and use them for photosynthesis, they create oxygen and biomass. The ecosystem of Auroville is almost perfect. It is an example for the hope of mankind: the future of Homo sapiens has not only dark perspective.

Boris, Biologist