News & Notes 926:Dissolving the FAMC, reconstituting the ATCD

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926 icon.jpg   News & Notes 926
11 June 2022

Dissolving the FAMC, reconstituting the ATDC

Update on Auroville Town Development Council (ATDC) and Funds and Assets Management Committee (FAMC)

The Mother envisaged the Auroville Township with an ultimate population of 50,000 with Matrimandir at its center and soul. In 1988 the Auroville Foundation Act was enacted by the Parliament of India to provide for the acquisition and transfer of the undertakings of Auroville and to vest such undertakings in a Foundation for better management and further development of Auroville in accordance with its original charter.

The Auroville Town Development Council (ATDC) had been established by the Governing Board of the Auroville Foundation for the planning, development and building of the Auroville township in accordance with the Auroville Master Plan. The Funds and Assets Management Committee (FAMC) is a committee established by the Governing Board for the management of funds and assets of Auroville Foundation, as described in the Auroville Foundation Rules 1997.

The Governing Board set up an Organization & Governance Committee (OGC), in its 58th meeting held on 18th January 2022 to look into the organization and governance of Auroville. The OGC reviewed past Governing Board meeting minutes, audit reports and recommendations made by the Finance Committee of the Auroville Foundation.

The OCG has recommended to bring about more transparency, accountability, and productive utilization of the various assets of Auroville with the effective participation of the residents of Auroville. The OGC recommended to reconstitute the FAMC, which has now been done vide an Office Order.

The OGC also recommended to reconstitute the ATDC for which a Standing Order has been issued, replacing the earlier Standing Order. For the appointment of new members of the ATDC under the revised Standing Order, an Office Order has been issued. Memberships of both the FAMC and ATDC include residents of Auroville.

The reconstitution of the FAMC is aimed at realizing the Mother’s vision of a self-supporting township without internal money exchange and with a collective supporting system for which the Mother had given the name “Prosperity”. The reconstituted FAMC will also be given the responsibility of ensuring compliance with statutory regulations and requirements while bringing in more transparency and accountability.

The re-constituted ATDC is mandated to accelerate the planning and development of the Auroville township with the support of Auroville internal and external experts and active participation of Auroville residents.

From the Office of the Auroville Foundation

Office Order FAMC and ATDC

Today the Working Committee received from the Auroville Foundation 2 Office Orders: for the FAMC and for ATDC

Names FAMC:

  1. Shri Chandresh Patel
  2. Mr. Torkil Dantzer
  3. Mr. Sathyamoorty Patchaiappan (Kalya)
  4. Shri B. S. Sathyanarayan
  5. Ms. Jocelyn Brynhild
  6. Ms. Geeta Hemant
  7. Joint Secretary & FA, Ministry of Education
  8. (Convenor:) Secretary, Auroville Foundation

Resource Persons: Alok Mallik, Ocean Bekker

Names ATDC:

  1. Dr. G. Seetharaman,
  2. Ms. Jaya Berggreen-Clausen
  3. Mr. Hemant Shekhar
  4. Ms. Sindhuja Jagadeesh
  5. Mr. Toby Neuman
  6. Mr. Jothi Prasad Rajan
  7. Mr. Ponnusamy Murugesan
  8. Mr. Govind Ranjan

Resource Persons: Ms. Jacqueline Lacoste, Mr. Lakshay Dharan, Mr. Helmut Schmid

Anu, Arun, Joseba, Selvaraj, Srimoyi, Partha, Tine
(Working Committee)