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11 June 2022

Auroville TV channel to be launched soon

Dear Auroville community, Auroville Media Interface is a new portal between Auroville and the rest of the world, as a media and public relations service. We are excited to announce our first initiative: the launch of Auroville TV channel in collaboration with Jio platform with an active user base of 370 million worldwide.

We invite you to share your content to be broadcasted on the TV channel. Pre-existing videos that your unit/service/activity have already realized can be broadcasted. We are also planning to broadcast live events such as interviews from units, art performances, regular classes, etc. But you could also produce videos specifically for the broadcast or have a recurrent slot to develop your own show.

Events in all the Auroville languages are most welcome to be broadcasted. If you are interested to participate, please contact us at mediainterface-avf (at)

Auroville Media Interface team