News & Notes 925:Excerpts from the 59th Governing Board meeting report

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4 June 2022

Excerpts from the 59th Governing Board meeting report

Item No 59.04:

The action-taken report on the decisions of the 58th meeting of the Governing Board was noted by the Board.

Report of Secretary, AF

  • The action points of the 58th Governing Board meeting of 18th January 2022 have been discussed with the concerned Working Groups of Auroville and relevant office orders communicating the same are being issued.
  • Each Working Group has taken up one or more action items for implementation. Some Working Groups have taken the help of resource persons.
  • The Working Committee, ATDC, FAMC and Entry Board have prepared presentations with the highlights of progress made thus far and the plans ahead.
  • Township Development Budget for 2022-23 is approximately Rs.1196.72/- Crore. The regular meetings with officials of the Tamil Nadu Government for the acquisition of city lands & the establishment of a [[New Town

Development Authority]] (for land use regulation) are in progress.

  • Secretary informed the Board that Auroville Foundation has recently signed an MoU with CPWD, pursuant to discussions with Secretary, MoE in respect of Go I grants.
  • Temporary recruitment will be completed by 1 May 2022 and permanent recruitment will be conducted by end of this year. Before the Permanent recruitment, AVF has to get the approval from MoE regarding the recruitment rules for the sanctioned posts.
  • The FC approved the estimate of Rs. 1.98/- Crores for the preparation of the detailed development plans on the basis of the Auroville Master Plan. The agreement between A TDC and Vastushilp Sangath LLP has been drafted and is being finalized.
  • The FC approved the estimate of Rs. 30/- lakh for a comprehensive audit of trusts, units and other entities in Auroville by the CAGs office and established auditors in the private sector. This exercise may include transaction and forensic audits, and will be helpful in the establishment and institutionalization of appropriate systems and processes. CAG office would be carrying out a special audit too.

Item No 59.05:

Organization and Governance Committee

The Board discussed the first set of observations of the Organization and Governance Committee of the Governing Board, including the proposal of a review and revision of certain Standing Orders, which may be prepared and submitted to Chairman for approval.

The Board requested the Organisation and Governance Committee to review the present functioning of various working groups and come up with proposals that will improve overall governance towards the realization of the aims and objectives of Auroville.

The Board notes that participation in working groups must be open to all Auroville residents and must be based on skill sets, experience and passion for the work at hand. The Board noted that under section 18 of the Auroville Foundation Act, the Register of Residents (RoR) needs to be maintained by the Secretary, AVF, which has not been maintained annually since over fifteen years. The Board directed the Secretary to update the RoR on an annual basis starting with an update that needs to be completed by July 2022 with the assistance of the Working Committee.

The Board further directed that proper attendance records must be maintained for meetings of the Residents Assembly and that only Auroville residents whose names are included in the updated RoR shall be permitted to attend such meetings.

Item No 59.06:

Proposal to offer Honorary Aurovilian status

The Board approved that for persons who are, or have been, associated with the original founding of Auroville in 1968 or who contribute to Auroville on a regular basis the status of Honorary Aurovilian and Residents of Auroville may be considered.

Board suggested that this may be done first for a few persons on a trial basis.

Item No 59.07:

Approval of CPWD estimate for the execution of projects in line with Auroville Master Plan and MoU signed with the CPWD

The Board noted and approved that an MoU with CPWD has been entered into for the execution of various township development projects.

Item No 59.08:

Detailed estimate for the programs relating to the commemorating of the 150th birth anniversary of Sri Aurobindo

The Ministry of Culture, Government of India had requested A VF for detailed estimates for the execution of various activities and renovation work that needs to the undertaken in Sri Aurobindo Bhavan, Kolkata and other centers on the occasion of the 150th birth anniversary of Sri Aurobindo with the approximate budget of Rs 66/- Crore. The Board noted that these estimates had been prepared and sent.

Item No 59.12:

Delegation of financial powers to Secretary and OSD

The Board directed Secretary AVF to follow the comments given by the MoE regarding the delegation of financial powers. It was noted that the MoE has suggested that AVF may plan the disbursal of grants-in-aid to units and activities of Auroville based on the transactions made during the past three years.

Item No 59.13:

Proposal for construction of staff quarters

The Board approved the construction of 30 staff quarters for the employees working in the office of Secretary, Auroville Foundation with an estimated cost of Rs. l5l- Crore (approximately). The work will be executed by the CPWD as per GoI norms. Further, the board approved that all Auroville Foundation staff quarters will be under the control of the Secretary, Auroville Foundation.

Item No 59.14:

Approval to purchase a vehicle for the office of the Secretary, Auroville Foundation

The Board approved to purchase EV Hybrid car with low/ no carbon emission for the Auroville Foundation office as per GoI norms.