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4 June 2022

Details about upcoming ATDC member selection

Dear Community, regarding the upcoming selection of the Working Groups, concerning the selection of the ATDC, we have been asked to clarify a few points.

The selection of the ATDC will be based on the TDC Standing Order (SO) 2011. Although another TDC SO was issued in 2019, it still remains to be published in the gazette.

As an Office Order (OO) needs to implement the SO, and as the current interim TDC members were not selected by the RA as is required by the SO 2011, the RA will now select upto 13 members from amongst the residents of Auroville to fill the Functional areas of the TDC; additionally, 1 member is nominated by the GB and 1 member is nominated by the Wcom.

The current ATDC members, Anbu and Toby who’s term should end on 15 July 2023 as per the OO 491 will be relieved of their position but are still eligible to be selected by the RA, or appointed by WCom or GB.

The TDC as selected by the SO 2011 will be the Interface Team as per the 2017 RA ratified structure of the ATDC and they will appoint the Technical Team. The Council encourages the new Interface Team to employ, at their discretion, any staff presently working with ATDC.

With best wishes for a dynamic and collaborative ATDC team to be selected.

Kind regards,
Auroville Council