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4 June 2022

Auroville Working Committee: Three working updates

Working Update #1

Dear Aurovilians, we could not reach you these last days as all means of communication were cut and we had been driven out of our office. The locks were changed, also without notice and passwords and keys withheld so that we could no longer access the office, the computers or files if needed. Our posts were removed from Auronet by the Council’s orders.

These are challenging times but also a time of much deeper transition and we thank everyone who has reached out and stood in support, even if a bit shyly, these last days.

In keeping with the community approved PWG clause of removal we informed the RAS of our decision on 27 April, 2022, of removing 3 members from the previous team with the reasons, and to circulate this to the rest of the community as stipulated. (see ___)

We have also inducted 3 interim members as stated in the PWG clause and are now a 7 member team working together. It is a balanced group with a good mix of age, genders, nationalities, north and south variations and we are happy to work together to serve Auroville and the Mother’s Dream.

The Auroville Foundation has kindly offered the team a temporary space till things get sorted. Meanwhile, we have resumed our regular meetings with the Secretary, Dr. Jayanti Ravi from 11 May, 2022.

High on the agenda remains the visa issue which needs to be pursued urgently.

The other important point is the filling out of the RoR questionnaire as soon as possible, by all residents, regardless of nationality and many people have already completed this. Please take a few minutes and take the trouble to fill out the forms so that we can conclude this exercise in the next two weeks.

Here is the link to the Google form. The printed version is attached. Copies are also available at the Foundation Office and can be filled out and handed over directly. If you need any help with filling out the questionnaire please write to us at workingcom (at)

We expect to be working every day and will update you on the time and place where you can reach us in the next days.

Working Update #2

Filling the Register of Residents (RoR)

A gentle reminder that everyone takes a little time to fill out this form as soon as possible.

So far 300 completed forms have come in. It should not take too long for all those in the RoR to come forward and complete their forms.

The RoR was last updated in 2005. The sooner we complete this exercise the easier it will be for all our processes to resume.

For those not able to fill the googleform online please download the attached form, fill it out and hand it over at the Foundation. The printed forms are also available at the Foundation reception. You can go there and fill them out directly.

This only applies to those who are already entered in the RoR, confirmed adult Aurovilians over 18 years old.


So far, of the 595 applications sent to the Foundation, 554 have received their 5 year visa as recommended by the Working Committee. 37 have received between 1 year to 6 months and 4 people have received a 3 month extension. No visa recommendations have been refused.

Periodic updates can be found on the Auroville Foundation website:

Thank you for your patience till things under investigation get sorted out. We will keep you updated regularly.

For urgent queries call: 9843984181

Working Update #3

Dear Aurovilians, Here are some new updates:

Assistance with the Register of Residents

As some people have difficulty in filling out the form due to language, lack of email or other issues or, due to an inability to come to the Foundation office due to health, a few members of the Working Committee and the Foundation are willing to assist and will be visiting communities between 5 to 8pm everyday, where assistance is needed. Till the Working Committee email is restored, please write to us at: aurovilleworkingcommittee (at) for assistance. Or call: 9443459067 / 7639810621

Since 2005, a complete update of the RoR has not been done. In 2019 only a little over a 1000 ID cards were issued. 17 years is a long time and many changes have happened since. Some people have left Auroville, have been away for over 5 years, moved to a different community or, passed away. All this needs to be updated.

Visit of Lieutenant Governor, Pondicherry (Governing Board member)

This afternoon the Working Committee of the Residents Assembly received a brief visit of the Lieutenant Governor of Pondicherry, Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan (Auroville Governing Board member). An update on the recent events was shared with her and regarding the work that the team was engaged with. We also conveyed our aspiration for normalizing good relations between all, and to keep working towards Auroville’s future according to the Mother’s Vision. We were grateful to have her support and firm conviction towards the realization of the Mother’s city for the future of humanity.

Special Gathering

The Lieutenant Governor has generously agreed to attend a gathering of Tamil Aurovilians on Saturday, May 28, from 4 to 7 pm at the Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Bharat Nivas. Aurovilians interested in understanding the present situation and the future growth of Auroville and help in building the city are welcome. The discussion will be in Tamil. The LG will speak on the occasion. All members of Auroville are invited.

The Working Committee
Anu, Arun, Partha, Srimoyi (continuing members), Joseba, Selvaraj, Tine (interim members)