News & Notes 919:RAD outcome on the revised Selection Process

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919 icon.jpg   News & Notes 919
23 April 2022

RAD outcome on the revised Selection Process
To be used for: Working Committee, Auroville Council, FAMC, Entry Board, ATDC

Dear Residents, here are the results of the RAD (voting) to approve the revised Selection Process proposal.

A total of 368 valid votes have been submitted online and in-person. The number of participants exceeded the 10 per cent quorum required to validate the decision (239 votes).*

* Based on data received from the Residents Service, the total adult population of our community eligible to participate in RADs (age - above 18, confirmed Aurovilians) is 2385 (as of the month of April 2022).

RAD Selection Process outcome N&N 919.jpg

Residents’ Assembly Decision:

  • 95% (349) Aurovilians voted in favor of the above proposal.
  • 5% (19) Aurovilians rejected it.

According to the RAD policy, “8. Responsibility for implementing decisions made through this RAD process lies with the concerned working group/s or resident/s”.

FYI Some residents experienced technical problems with the online voting. We are sorry for it. We fixed it, and it should not happen again.

Many thanks to all the residents who participated in this decision-making event!

With gratitude,
for the Residents’ Assembly Service,
Dan, Giovanni P, Sathish A, Tatiana S, Verena H