News & Notes 914:Implementation of the Pour Tous Purchasing Service (PTPS) RAD – final report

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19 March 2022

Implementation of the Pour Tous Purchasing Service (PTPS) RAD – final report

In early September 2020 the Residents Assembly (RA) made a decision by choosing this option in the RAD:

Service – PTPS shall remain a Service unit and be managed by a Management Board and new Executives.”

As PTPS is a registered unit under the Auroville Service Trust (AVST), we immediately started the work to implement the decision by meeting with the active and present executive, Kala, and the manager, Kumar in mid-September.

Service: The first order of change was to start reducing prices on many essential and basic products. This was started in November 2020 and over time has gradually increased to include more items, with attention to particular products. Also, initially changes in staff were made to reduce expenses and to increase efficiency. Presently the executives and PTPS Board, in collaboration with the Budget Coordination Committee (BCC), are preparing a budget. PTPS will be supported financially by the community, like other services such as Solar Kitchen.

New executives: At the beginning of October 2020 AVST constituted a Transition Team. With the team, we agreed upon a detailed scope of work and expected outcomes. This included inviting people to express their interest to be one of the new executives, and making a recommendation to AVST for the same. In June 2021 the Transition Team recommended two new executives. These were agreed by AVST and the Funds and Assets Management Committee (FAMC). AVST in collaboration with the FAMC chose two additional executives. This four-person team started on 1 October 2021 for an agreed-upon 6 month trial (through 31 March 2022).

Management board: In December 2020 the AVST reworked the former-FAMC-drafted Management Board document. This paper was accepted by the current FAMC. In July 2021 AVST and FAMC created a subgroup to form the Board. The Board was constituted in November 2021. The Board and executives had a first facilitated meeting in late November 2021. They have been meeting regularly since that time; they meet often with the executive team as well.

More details and reports on this progress can be viewed on the Auronet when you click on Auroville Service Trust under Groups.

We want to thank everyone who has been, and continues to be, involved in the transformation of Pour Tous. We could not have done it without a lot of patience, understanding, deep listening, hard work and good will by all.

Auroville Service Trust
(Ponnusamy, Anne, Joseba, Amy, Ulrich)