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12 March 2022

Dreamweaving: Presentation and exhibition

Dear community, our team is currently working to compile the detailed Dreamweaving report which will include the designs, the feedback and reflections from the participating technical experts, peer architects, people from particular focus areas like Forest Group, urban planning and development, education, bioregion etc, randomly selected community members and inputs from the wider community. This report will be shared with the community and forwarded to the Vastu Shilpa Foundation as a basis for formulating guidelines and major design principles for the Detailed Development Plan of the city.

Alongside this we are also processing and analyzing the feedback on the process itself – as this was a unique experiment of combining a technique that has been developed within Auroville (the Dreamweaving) with aspects of one that has been developed outside Auroville (the Citizens Assembly). We are curious to understand how this worked for those involved and whether there is interest and potential to utilize this type of participatory tool for future Auroville processes.

As we preferred not to ask participants to simply vote on their favorite design but instead to consider which ideas they had heard resonated most on a range of topics and why, this will take a little time to analyze and present in a way that does justice to the depth and breadth of inputs received.

A presentation of the outcomes from the Dreamweaving and Citizens’ Assembly teams and architects is planned for the Saturday afternoon 2nd of April at Unity Pavilion (timings to be confirmed closer to the date). There will also be an exhibition of the architects’ work displayed from the 1st to the 8th of April at Unity Pavilion. We hope to see you there.

In the meantime please find below the list of links so far for the Dreamweaving sessions.

List of links:

(better quality videos than the live streaming links, but not everything has been edited yet)
(some live-streaming links have been removed because better quality videos are available on the Dreamweaving YouTube channel)

In Service,
Dreamweaving and Citizens’ Assembly teams
(David, Mona, Omar, Allan, Aditi, Helen, Suryamayi, Nikethana, Anshul, Kathy, Allan, Martin, Sophie, Praveen and Alan)