News & Notes 907:The Dreamweaving has begun!

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29 January 2022

The Dreamweaving has begun!

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On 21st & 22nd January the Dreamweaving architects met for their first formal session together, with two members of Vastu Shilpa Consultants (Doshi’s office) joining over Zoom. The sessions started with an introduction from Mona & David. Among other things, they stressed that the Dreamweaving process will not create the Detailed Development Plan for the Crown or the city but will provide initial inspiration from Auroville architects. The Vastu Shilpa Consultants have been approached to take up the task of DDP preparation. An FAQ is being worked on and will be published on Auronet.

This was followed by presentations on the Auroville Economy and on City Form and Bioclimatic Design, which you can watch on the AV Radio Youtube channel.

Then the 18 participating architects shared their emerging ideas, inspirations and designs for the Crown in 11 presentations. After each presentation, there was positive feedback on what others felt useful or inspiring, highlighting elements they would ‘steal’ and try to incorporate into their own work over the next 2 weeks.

The presentations drew from a wide range of resources and explored aspects from the ‘DNA of the Galaxy Vision’ to rainwater capture, storage and percolation, to analysis of functional needs and mobility opportunities in relation to the Masterplan: Perspective 2025 on and beyond the Crown.

Meanwhile, on 26th January, the randomly selected community members (approx. 12-15) who will be part of the next stages of the Dreamweaving process and give inputs, will meet for the first time to be briefed about the process. The next Dreamweaving event, on 4th & 5th February, will see the participating architects presenting their new or modified concepts. The session will be live-streamed for the community and also include the participation of architectural peers, focus groups representing diverse perspectives, technical and analytical inputs and the randomly selected citizens group.

Simultaneously, some events and spaces are taking shape, which are offered by the community, for the community, inspired by the Dreamweaving process. These and the resources generated will also be offered to the Dreamweavers but without expectations attached. Pass by the ‘DW Collab Desk’ outside Solar Kitchen on Monday, Wednesday & Friday lunch times this week to find out more and look out for announcements on Auronet.

Finally, after an appeal was sent out to assist with the funding of the Dreamweaving exercise, AVI USA generously offered $2,000 USD to cover the costs of logistics, venue and food for the participants, while within the community itself almost two lakhs rupees have been donated.

It is yet another indication that there is immense support and goodwill for this process for which we express our deep gratitude.

Alan and David,
The Citizens’ Assembly Exploration
and Dreamweaving team