News & Notes 907:Petitions and Residents Assembly Decision-Making (RAD)

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907 icon.jpg   News & Notes 907
29 January 2022

Petitions and Residents Assembly Decision-Making (RAD)

Dear Community,

The RAS approached the Council regarding displeasure directed at them by members of the community in regard to the order in which upcoming RADs should be hosted, and specifically in regard to the current RAD that suggests a pause on Crown development, and why it was given priority over other older proposed RADs.

The current RAD became an urgent RAD because this topic is so central to Auroville at this time and directly affects everyone of us. Therefore it is very reasonable that it took precedence over other RADs.

In the current situation where there are several proposed RADs, RAS, in consultation with Council, has to determine the order in which these are to be held because certain RADs are of greater urgency to the community, bearing in mind that hosting simultaneous RADs is problematic and confusing.

As a first priority, the new draft of a selection process for working groups will be put to a RAD because our next round of selections is due to take place in March 2022. This was already the intention many months ago. The proposal from SPRTF (Selection Process Review Task Force) that is yet to be published will be suggested as an alternative to the current ratified selection process of the PWG 2020 document. Please stay posted for the announcement.

The next RAD after this will be determined in due time with the intention of addressing the most urgent and important topics faced by the community.

We request any petitioners of RADs that were filed prior to the ratification of the interim RAD process, to please contact the RAS again if they still wish to pursue these. It is the responsibility of the representatives of the petitioners suggesting a RAD to drive and hold the process with the assistance of the RAS. Considering the many requests we propose that only one RAD is presented by any group of representatives.

Warm regards,
Auroville Council