News & Notes 905:AIAT and C3STREAM Land Designs collaborating with Pondicherry University

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15 January 2022

Entity::AIAT and Entity::C3STREAM Land Designs collaborating with Pondicherry University

We are happy to share that Auroville Institute of Applied Technology (AIAT) and C3STREAM Land Designs have taken the initiative to open up the possibility of collaboration with the University of Pondicherry (PU). An MOU that allows for collaboration with PU in higher education and R & D was signed in the presence of the Vice Chancellor and the Secretary of Auroville Foundation. This MOU is signed by the Under Secretary of Auroville Foundation, Mr. Lavkamad Chandra, Executive of AIAT and Dr. Sanjeev Ranganathan, Executive C3STREAM Land Designs. The coordinators of the MOU are Prof. Nakkeeran at PU and Mr. Lavkamad Chandra at Auroville. This MOU allows AIAT to offer post-schooling undergraduate programs under the vocational stream of higher education leading to a three year B.Voc (Bachelor of Vocation). In addition, it allows for graduate programs of M.Voc or PhD when we choose to offer them.

B.Voc which is equivalent to a B.Sc and part of the vocational streams that have been developed by the Ministry of Education to address the gaps in the theoretical undergraduate programs that exist in India currently. Under this progressive stream we hope at Auroville to have the freedom of designing our own curriculum in line with integral development of the youth and have PU as a partner to certify it.

The initial design of the curriculum is planned for streams such as environmental technology, software programming, electronics and we invite those in Auroville who have the skill to support such programs to join us in the design and delivery of high-quality programs.

The curriculum we design with the support of PU staff needs approval under the general guidelines of University Grant Commission for skill oriented higher education by the academic council of PU. When we receive such an approval for our designed programs it will allow us to offer the programs needed by our youth, while certification will be handled by PU.

This allows youth at Auroville and the bio-region access to meaningful post-schooling education and certification in India including being able to concentrate 40% of their time to develop competence and inner-capacity including yoga, sports, meditation, leadership, communication, computer literacy, 3rd language development, Introduction to Integral Yoga and Indian culture. 60% of their time will be devoted to practical skill development in their chosen area. Students joining a B.Voc programs will additionally undergo internship in the field either at Auroville units or with industrial partners in Pondy and elsewhere. AIAT aspires to become a centre of integral education with a focus on Environment technology.

Students who have passed +2 or equivalent (A level) will be eligible to join the program.The Institute campuses are in Aurobrindavan and Irumbai!

For more information please contact Lavkamad (at)

Lavkamad and Sanjeev Ranganathan