News & Notes 904:Reflections on the RAM from Auroville Council

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8 January 2022

Reflections on the RAM from the Auroville Council

Dear Community, after the RAM on the 20th of December, the Council feels the need to share a message of reflection.

As the Council, we endeavor to represent the voices of the entire community while also trying to harmonize these many voices. We are here to manifest Auroville which requires us to embody a progressive and inclusive human unity. The Mother was very adamant that “You (Aurovilians) must agree”. We cannot allow our opinions, emotions and preferences to keep us from losing sight of this simple yet most important directive of the Mother’s.

The presence of the Secretary of the Auroville Foundation was a surprise and understandably aggravated the existing polarities present in the meeting. The highly volatile emotions, which are a result of the extraordinary events over the past 4 weeks, were too new and raw for many of us to present them to the Secretary in a more measured form. It would have been best if the Secretary had been given her own meeting organised by the Working Committee.

Although the shock and emotions from recent events in the community are real and cannot be taken lightly, some of the behavior might have been avoided. On one hand there was a lack of courtesy from a large section directed toward the Secretary and on the other hand there was aggressive conduct from another section at the gathering. As a result we have received feedback from the community expressing concern regarding the disrespect displayed at the meeting. We are reminded of the following quote by the Mother “... whatever may be the circumstances, rudeness or curt behavior is never permissible. ”

We invite all Aurovilians attending any of the follow up meetings on the proposed RAD, irrespective of their stand in this matter, to help create a meeting atmosphere that is respectful and conducive to finding stepping stones for a harmonious community process.

May we all rise above our differences and recognise our true self in one another.

For unity and in Her service,
Auroville Council