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11 December 2021

Youth Center situation

Dear Community, on behalf of the YC team, from tomorrow morning (7th December) 6.30am your presence is requested at the Youth Center, to assist in the dismantling and re-location of the 3 main communal structures. We hope we can take this step together towards unity in our community, above all polarities.

This follows a very intense meeting at the Youth Center this evening 6th December. This decision was very hard to take, but was collectively arrived at in an aspiration to work towards peace and progressive harmony and to ensure an outcome which reflects the values of Auroville. Please see the below letter sent to the secretary, following various meetings today:

In light of recent events: Paul, Arun, Sreevatsa, Uma & Nahar met with the Secretary this afternoon at Matrimandir (Monday 6th December). The Secretary has instructed the Youth Centre to dismantle the kitchen, main space, games room and stage themselves. She stated that if this work is not started it will be dismantled by JCBs at 7am tomorrow (7th December).

The Secretary offered a verbal agreement to:

  • Permit the Youth Centre structures to be rebuilt as part of the planned Vocational Training centre (in Bliss Forest, behind the Youth Centre).
  • Provide temporary accommodation in Mitra for those currently living in the Youth Centre for the duration of the kitchen reconstruction.
  • Allow the Land Board to assist with land clearing so it can be undertaken in a respectful manner.
  • Provide 10 lakh rupees towards rebuild costs. Plus open an account for fundraising endorsed by ATDC.

The members of the Youth Centre community, in consultation & with the general support of those gathered at 8pm, have decided to undertake this work themselves with the aspiration to work towards peace and progressive harmony and to ensure an outcome which reflects the values of Auroville.

We invite all members of the community to join us in this work, which will be initiated this evening, and restart by 6.30 tomorrow morning (7th December) with a farewell for the trees and spaces.

We request that ATDC provide the appropriate & proportional planning permit (NOC) within 24 hours (7am, 8th December) for the Youth Centre community to be located within the vocational training center area (existing Youth Center space).

We feel confident to gather the funds for the work ourselves, through and with the support of our community, so won’t require the funds offered from GOI.

Please confirm in writing at the earliest opportunity before 7am, 7th December.

Yours sincerely,
Youth Centre