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11 December 2021

On-line meeting of the International Advisory Council

Dear Residents, we were informed and invited by the Secretary on 1st Dec 2021 about the first introductory on-line meeting of the International Advisory Council to be held from 7 PM to 8 PM on 2nd Dec 2021. Although it was an internal meeting of the IAC, the Secretary of the Auroville Foundation and the Working Committee were invited in order to have formal introductions and establish some work framework. At the meeting we received the communication that the IAC members have chosen Ms. Dena Merriam as the Chairperson.

We got a chance to introduce each of us present from the Working Committee and extended an invitation to visit Auroville at and earliest possible dates. We conveyed on behalf of the Residents the wishes of engaging with the larger community. Our suggestion was to hold the next meeting of the Governing Board and IAC concurrently with members of the Residents Assembly given a possibility to interact. Tentatively this meeting could be scheduled in the middle of February of 2022, subject to the international travel guidelines.

All members of IAC were very much connected to Auroville and draw inspiration from works of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. We felt a sense of involvement and goodwill for growth which each of them expressed willingness to contribute in their own ways.

After a presentation and a general introduction by the Secretary, the discussion moved to what is the road ahead. Key points which were discussed was a need to have a strategic plan for growth. The Chairperson observed Auroville’s slow growth in population and asked how our outreach was being done and how these issues were being addressed. They were invited to be part of the activities of Sri Aurobindo’s 150th year to help with this outreach through the Auroville International Centres, Sri Aurobindo Centres, international institutions and governments to share Auroville as a place for unending education, the acquisition of land, work towards increasing the population, development of the city, building extensions and information sharing about Auroville in different parts of the world.

The IAC members expressed their interest in land matter acquisition even if it is not their direct concern.

We offered to connect IAC to AVI International and to different people in AVI Centres with individual IAC members and facilitate communication with the Residents Assembly. We look forward to engage with the very vibrant members of IAC to build a dynamic collaboration.

With best regards,
The Working Committee
(Anu, Arun, Chali (TOS), Hemant, Partha, Sauro, Srimoyi)