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11 December 2021

In preparation to a decision-making to stop all development work on the Crown until further notice from the Residents' Assembly

Dear Community Members, We would like to inform you that the Residents’ Assembly Service (RAS) received and validated a petition from a large group of residents to convene a Residents’ Assembly Decision-making process (RAD) to consider putting on hold all development work on the Crown until further notice from the Residents’ Assembly.

As you may be aware, this petition has been started in response to the site clearing at Bliss Forest and Youth Center, drafted and signed in the meetings that took place on Saturday (SAWCHU) and Sunday (Kalabhumi).

According to the Provisional Amended Residents’ Assembly Decision-making process, the next step is “to present and discuss a proposal to be put out for a decision, which would include different perspectives and choices/options” in a Residents’ Assembly Meeting (RAM), which is going to be held by RAS on Monday, December 20, 4.00 – 6.30pm, at Unity Pavilion.


  • Presentation of the proposal
  • Perspectives of the concerned working groups (ATDC and WC)
  • Open floor for sharing and questions

The meeting will be live streamed by Auroville Radio and the access links will be shared.

Note: In reference to many residents still reaching us showing their support to this RAD on top of the many considerable residents supporting in a written petition, RAS emailed the Working Committee who is considering whether to call for an emergency RAD given the situation.

We are waiting to hear from WC and will keep you all informed.

In Her Service,
The Residents’ Assembly Service