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11 December 2021

Auroville School Board (AVSB) mandate – revised October 2021

Auroville School Board (AVSB) mandate
Revised October 2021


The Auroville School Board is a representative body of teachers of Auroville children. It consists of one or two representatives from each of the schools/kindergartens/crèche, one representative from SAIIER and the AVSB secretary.

The Mandate of the Auroville School Board is to:

  1. Develop strategies to nurture and promote the vision of Sri Aurobindo and Mother in relation to education of the children and youth of Auroville.
  2. Plan for the educational needs of Auroville children. This includes:
    1. Coordinating the medium and long-term physical development of AV Schools in cooperation with L’Avenir d’Auroville.
    2. Determining budget allotments amongst AV Schools, including maintenances.
    3. Coordinating and facilitating the evaluation processes of AV schools.
    4. Setting the annual AV school calendar in consultation with the schools.
  3. Help set educational policies that are relevant to the AV Schools in consultation with the AV Schools.
  4. Ensure that the Code of Conduct is upheld amongst all AV Schools.
  5. Address issues that arise in relation to the children and youth of Auroville as they relate to school.
  6. Reconcile differences among Auroville Schools when necessary, and recommend appropriate arbitration if these differences cannot be resolved within the AVSB.
  7. Review proposals and coordinate submissions in the event of funding that is channelled through SAIIER or any other AV body for AV Schools as a block.
  8. Review the annual finances of AV schools and compile an annual financial report.
  9. Be the body through which all AV schools channel requests that may have a community wide impact or require approval from other Auroville bodies (e.g., L’Avenir d’Auroville, FAMC, Auroville Council, etc.).
  10. Be the body through which AV Schools liaise with SAIIER.
  11. Facilitate discussion of its work with parents and the community at large when appropriate.


  1. Regular AVSB meetings will be held once a month.
  2. Special AVSB meetings may be called with the approval of one-quarter of the members of the AVSB.

Quorum and Decision-making:

  1. Decisions taken at AVSB meetings will be valid only if there is a quorum. A quorum will consist of more than one-half of the members of the AVSB.
  2. Decisions will be made by consensus whenever possible.


The AVSB will have a secretary and a chairperson.

  1. Chairperson
    1. The chairperson must come from among the members of the AVSB, and will serve for a period of six months.
    2. The chairperson will be selected at regular meetings every August and February.
    3. The chairperson may be reappointed for up to one additional term after which they must take at least a six month break.
  2. Secretary
    1. The AVSB has fixed secretary.
    2. The secretary coordinates functions related to the AVSB.
    3. The secretary is the principal liaison person with the Maintenance fund for AVSB maintenances and will ensure that the monthly maintenance list submitted to the Maintenance fund is correct in all aspects relating to the schools.
    4. The secretary will circulate the agenda of the meeting and the minutes from each meeting at least 2 weeks in advance of each regular meeting.
    5. The secretary will coordinate follow-up action to implement the decisions of the AVSB.
    6. The secretary will collect and co-ordinate the lists of equipment and materials needed by all of the schools.
    7. The secretary will collect information in order to prepare grant proposals in relation to the schools on the ASB, if requested by the schools.
    8. The secretary will co-ordinate information for a database related to the AVSB members.
    9. The secretary will collect annual reports from all AV schools.

Present Membership:

School Name Member(s)
Pre crèche Auroprem
Kindergarten Amudha & Shamba
Nandanam Jyoti & Laxmi
AHA Arthi & Nandini
Deepanam Mahavir
Transition School Mahi & Anna
TLC Maya & Mira
Future School Elke & Puja
Last School Aurevan & Jean Yves
Dehashakti Sports Lijun & Satyavan
SAIIER Sanjeev R.
Transport Hari
Secretary & School admission Dawn

Submitted by Mandate and Policy review subgroup
For Auroville Council